I am 3b/c and I have been trying to let my hair grow out from a shorter style. It has basically stayed in the same layered style as it has grown out and the last trim I got was probably in January.

It is layered with the shortest layer growing out from eye level to cheek/chin level when dry and the longest layer growing from shoulder length to maybe half way btwn shoulder and BSL.

I have noticed that my hair loses curl definition as it grows longer which I don't like. However I do love the variety of things I can do with my hair and how it looksgood down and it's better up in a ponytail and in a fatter bun than when my hair was shorter -the only way it looked good was down.

So my question is, are there any special care tips I should do for my hair? I just bought some shea butter and cocnut oil and jojoba oil so I'll be experimenting with these. My hair is at the longest I've had it for few years now so I feel a little lost. So any tips/advice/comments would be appreciated.