Pics of my curly cutie

Adorable! You are so blessed to have such an angel.

It looks like the curls in the front are 3b(???) I also love the braids-how long did they last on her?
Originally Posted by la****j

If you look at the picture with the goggles and pink shirt (my avatar), those are the same curls 3c as the one with the halloween costume 3b. sometimes she pulls on them and loosens them up, but overall I thnks she's a 3c, what do you think?
Barely wavy mommy to a fine, silky with thready corkscrew 4 1/2yr old girl. HG's Moisture Maniac, PM The Conditioner, Cactus leave-in (original formula)"Mommy I want to look like a lion!" = hair loose and flowin'.
The cutie!
Kinky 3C corkscrews with 4A patches.

HG Products:
MOP Leave-In Conditioner (This is my new all time favorite.)
S Curl Texturizer Gel
Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner
She is absolutely precious! Too adorable!
She is adorable with that curly blonde hair! Keep the relaxers out of her hair for sure.Thanks for sharing.
3B-3C, alittle past tailbone length,age:41 years
Vivasmom, the pictures of your little one brought a bright smile to my face! She is absolutely adorable and lucky that you are seeking out info on how to take care of her hair. My mom just brushed mine out dry when I was little!

I especially love how she looks with the 2 puffs. And I agree that the soft texture of her hair is prob why the braids didn't last. I tried braids and had that problem too. I'm no expert with identifying hair textures, but I would guess some combo of 3b/c. Also her hair might change over the years and get more or less curly, thicker, etc. Anyway, beautiful daughter and curls and all the best to you and your family!
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how did i miss these pics for so long?!?!!?!?

she is too too too cute!

and the pic with the backpack thats bigger than she is is how i do my hair sometimes. ive been looking for some cowboy boots too. tell her to call me so we can discuss clothes and hair.
Your daughter is an angel! Her hair is just awwwwwwwwwww!! the curls are precious... The thought of someone straightening that...dont want to talk about it. My son is mixed but his hair is real straight with a little flip curls at the end.
My hair is fluffy, wavy/kinky with very fine numerous strands.
Hair album some see!

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