Pro-Line Comb-Thru Softener

"wow" is the only word that describe this product. well i have an appointment to go to the salon next month but my ends were in terrible condition so i couldn't wait for a trim. i went to a salon that was up the street from me and the stylist was talking about how my hair was dry. and i was like yea i know and i have no idea why. and she was telling me i didnt need gel and just a curl activator would define my coils. as she was saying this she picked up a black and green bottle and started rubbing the product from it in my hair. well i put my hand back to feel it and it just felt like it was coating my hair so i just figured oh well ill just wash it when i get home. well let me tell you by the time i got home my hair was BEYOND soft...the only word that could describe how soft it was is supple. i called the salon and asked her what she used in my hair and she said Pro-Line Comb-Thru Softener. i immediately ran to Sally's and, lawd knows it must have been fate, cause they were having a sale. i bought two bottles for like $3. i know this is supposed to be a man's product but ladies let me tell you it has softened my hair like NO OTHER! it doesnt give the hair a fake looking shine...its more of a healthy sheen. sorry this has turned out to be such a long post but i have been battling this dry, crunchy hair for sooo long and this just completely turned it around!
Hairtype- 3b/c
BC- December 18, 2004
Length- About 6-6.5 inches (stretched)
Monthly Goal- 1/2- 1 inch
Ultimate Goal- 25 inches(stretched), Healthy
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Oooh why did you do this to me? I'm going to pick some up today.
Black and Puerto Rican 3c Natural since '95 (15). Growing hair to waist. PJ and Certified MAC JUNKIE and a freakin' DEMOCRAT!!! Visit my other page @
Me @ 6 mos. looking just like my son

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