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Hi girlies,
I recently tried Kemi's Moyst No Soap Shampoo and it was really great. It barely latered, containing no SLS's and left my hair feeling really nice afterwards. Although I found a few of Kemi-Oyl's products at my local beauty supply store, they didn't carry the entire line. But the good thing is that it looks like if you go to, you can order all you like for $5 (I'm not absolutely sure of this, but I placed 3 items in my shopping basket, noticed that the shipping was only $5, so I got something else and the price didn't change )

Anyhow, their products look really good. I ordered:
1. Kemi Moyst Conditioner for Dry, Damaged Hair
2. Kemi Curl Lotion
3. Pro-Gel Plus
4. Pro-Cidic-Plus Rinse

I'm really excited about these products. The Kemi-Oyl is a long-time favorite of mine and I was really impressed with the shampoo!
I've used the Moist Conditioner(in a spray bottle, right?) the actual oil, and the shea butter pomade, and loved them all. The spray is great for moisture, and I actually got some of my best curls using this under certain products. The pomade is good for making the curls bigger, good for the scalp, for slicking my hair down if I put it in a ponytail, and for when I flat-iron.

You have to update us after you use these, especially the curl lotion and gel.
A wonderful mix of coils, curls, corkscrews, and kinks.
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I've used the Moist Conditioner(in a spray bottle, right?)
Originally Posted by shyygirl723
The Moyst Conditioner is a regular creamy conditioner (I think). They do also make the Kemi-Oyl Conditioning Spray.

I'm so glad to hear that you like all their products! I hope they work out well - I will definitely keep you all posteed!
I used kemi oyl when I was transitioning. That oil made detangling so easy. I also loved the shea butter pomade, but never got around to ordering anymore. Both products were very moisturizing.
I used to use the shampoo & contioner after I had done the big chop. Then they stopped working for me. I do still like the gel for twist & the shea butter pomade makes me curls look reallynice and nearly crunch free for a wash n go.
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