I've been doing the curly thing for about a month now, and while I'm happy with the results I've got, there is something that's bugging me.
I've got tight, somewhat choatic 3b curls at the front of my head, but the back was taking a while to get there.
My friend mentioned that perhaps the water that I'm washing my hair with could be weighing it down (soft) - can anyone say aye or nay to this theory?
Is there anything else that might help my hair look that little less chaotic?
I actually prefer soft water; it makes my hair look better because it rinses clean. What's your routine? What products are you using?

I thought that hard water was bad for your hair, and that soft water was better? Is this not true?
Mostly 3B corkscrews.
I always thought soft water was better too, but, according to my friend, it can weigh your hair down.
My routine hasn't quite settled yet, as I'm still experimenting with what works best for me, but the basic routine is -
Shower every morning, alternating days between just a little conditioner and thorough conditioner. Sometimes shower w/out conditioner in the evenings, depending on if I've been working out that evening (I've got really quite short hair, so it dries quite quickly). Once a week I'll do a thorough scalp/hair uber condition, and during the weekend I'll experiment with different recipes.
I'm using Pantene extra volume conditioner, and Pantene curl definition stuff, which I'm thinking of chucking out in favour of some delicious Body Shop stuff I've found.
Does Pantene contain cones? sulfates? Maybe try the Body Shop stuff? A better, stronger hold gel? Or go CG?

No, I woldn't blame the soft water. Hell, I wish I had soft water.

We've got a water-tank & live out in the country, so I'm pretty lucky like that!
I presumed by CG, you're refering to the curly girl routine? (I'm still somewhat confused with all the terminology. eh, I'll get there! )
That's basically what I'm doing.
The only 'cone on the label is 'Dimethicone'. Checking the label against the curly girl book, it appears that it's not a bad conditioner, nor a particularly good one, either.
I've just experimented with honey for the first time, and, so far, it's looking good!
*fingers crossed*
Dimethicone is BAAAAAAAAD if you're on CG(=Curly Girl). Hey, it's a process! I'm still getting there, myself. But I have to say, I really to like my DevaCurl products.

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