Mark Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion

I saw this at Longs and I'm curious if anyone has used it?

I think the ingredients are CG friendly. I'm on the routine and, for my 3A hair, my Angell just isn't enough boost.

I'd like to try it if it's good (and this popular Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee I've been reading about!). I guess I'm a PJ in training?

3a Fine strawberry blonde hair. Just above the shoulders. CG 9/23/04. Restarted again 7/1/05. Waiting out the dreaded transition period this time!!! After 1 week, more curls!!!
There are a couple of different formulations floating around. One has mineral oil, which is not terribly CG-friendly. So check your ingredient list.

This is a nice product if you like a soft hold without crunch.
I've used it along with the spray gel. Its nice but not HG potential for me. I've also used the mousse. The cream and spray gel worked better for me.
Starting my curly resolution! 3a/3b with some waves thrown in. Haven't been CG in a while. Need product suggestions.
I got two bottles of this for 2 bucks each at the Christmas Tree Shop. It works well but as lcaste1 said, it's not HG material.
thick 2b/c/3a waves
sporadic spiral curls
halfway down back
I've used the one with the mineral oil...weighed my hair down and gave it that dirty look/feeling. Yucky stuff! I have a tube without the mineral oil, too, but I don't remember the results. It's on my list to find out!

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