View Poll Results: What ONE type of hair product have you found works best for your hair?
Mousse as my main product. 1 2.22%
Gel as my main product. 35 77.78%
Wax as my main product. 0 0%
Anti-Frizz Serum as my main product. 1 2.22%
Home-Made Concoction as my main product . 1 2.22%
SOMETHING ELSE as my main product. (Please specify.) 7 15.56%
Leave in Conditioner as my ONLY product. 0 0%
Hairspray as my ONLY product. 0 0%
Voters: 45. You may not vote on this poll


I like the hair type board, so I can ask this question to all my fellow 3A's.

Note that this is the MAIN product you use AFTER you get out of the shower. If you use gel with hairspray, that's great, but if gel's the mainstay, vote for that and add the hairspray bit in your text reply, and... if this isn't asking too much ...maybe put the brand/recipe there also... Myself and others who want to try something new would REALLY appreciate it.

(I'd like to say sorry if I'm missing a product type, just in case I have!)

I'm starting to feel bold enough to try something based on this now because I have a large enough stash of stuff that works decently in case something doesn't work very well.

If you use something expensive and it works, and I try it and love it, I may just have to chop some length off so I can afford it... ...THAT is what I'm willing to do for better hair. Not that I don't like mine now, per se, but there's room for improvement, surely.

I ask for the main product because, well, while I want to try something new, I am a poor college student. I can't play with products a whole ton, so I thought a poll might cut down the list.

Thanks ahead of time! Yay for curly support!

...2C-3A with a little 2A-ness in the back... why won't the back just switch over to 3A too? CURL, you hair! CURL like your friends! *sigh*
I use a leave in condish. right now its vo-5's chamomille tea with Herbel essence humidity defying gel. Works great for me I also use a little molasses in my leave in. I also have my own version of plopping I use (not sure if its relevent, just adding)
I voted for gel. I'm liking Suave Firm Control gel, but it's not a HG.
3a/b, fine hair... with a mind of its own!
PW- frenchfries

Your hair, it's everywhere. Screaming infidelities, taking its wear.
gel! my favorites are nexxus phyto organics redefining gel, devacurl angell, and batia & aleeza gel (probably in that order).
Faith, 3Aish redhead
Mama to two wild superheroes and a curly-headed baby boy
Right now I use Jessicurl Gelebration or Rockin Ringlets (can't decide which I like better) with Pantene Curl Defining Scrunching Gel over it. This is the only gel I've found so far that I can get decent 2nd day hair with. I've tried HE Humidity Defying Gel, Aussie Gel and Water, Got 2b Spiked up Gel, and Pantene Total Control Shaping Gel but none of these hold the curl overnight for me. Next on the list for me is Nexxus POTAER gel.
botticelli curls, fine, flat on the top
CG 2/12/04 (modified 4/05)
3a/2a VO5 Kiwi Lime condish, JC Gelebrations, honey, Avalon old lavender poo, not HG but using Pantene Curl enhancing scrunch gel.
pw: curlygirl
I don't know how I managed before I used gel! My favourite is B&A but I also use Ion. I use it after my leave in (Elucence).
U.K curly

3A Curly Twirly.
Golden brown (coloured to cover grey).
Low poo: Dr Organic, L'Oreal Everpure.
Conditioner: Dr Organic Argan Oil.
Leave In: Aussie, Curl Harmony.
Gel: Curl Keeper Original, Umberto Gianni.
I mostly use cream stylers, you need an extra category!
Oh, creams... good point. It's been a long while since I tried any of those. I guess that's the "other".. Sorry! I'd change the poll if I thought I could.. If I can and you know how, just let me know!

So far gel is in the lead.. maybe I'll have to go pick some up on my way home from work. I used to use gel (long ago--6 yrs) but that was when I brushed my hair... which was NOT good at all. I have since learned and repented of my ways. (Now I use a widetooth comb only when I'm in the shower and right when I get out to part my hair.)

I'll write down some of your faves and then go to the store and get whichever one I see there. I am assuming you just get out of the shower and put it on... I'll have to guess how much to use, it's been so long... I just remember that it could get mighty sticky if I didn't do a good job putting it in my hair.

...2C-3A with a little 2A-ness in the back... why won't the back just switch over to 3A too? CURL, you hair! CURL like your friends! *sigh*
Hmm, it's a tie between creams and gels for me because I usually use one of each. Sorry that doesn't exactly help.

Favorite cream: Recoil
Favorite gels: Nexxus POTAR, B&A, Angell, and Abba Weightless (only a dab and mixed with something else).

3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
I tried the Pantene Curl Defining Scrunching Gel and my hair was curling more, not weighed down, but the curls were frizzier and less defined. I suppose I should perhaps get Jessicurl Gelebration or Rockin Ringlets like CFS said she uses with it. That's getting a little pricey (hah! I'm such a cheapskate!) but if it works than I can always use it for those special occasions or whatnot. I guess it also depends on how much I would need to use in my hair of each product.

...2C-3A with a little 2A-ness in the back... why won't the back just switch over to 3A too? CURL, you hair! CURL like your friends! *sigh*
I voted "something else" when I use BOTH a leave in AND a gel. Gotta have both and can't use just one of them.

something else.

Mixed AA 3b/3c hair. past shoulders. superfine texture. Natural - no colours or relaxers in over 4 years.
I voted something else, since i didn't know what category a product like curlkeeper or rockin' ringlets would fit into. i tend to use a ton of curlkeeper, then just a little gel over it.
Sulfate and Silicone-free since 2005
CO-wash convert since October 2010
Twitter: @sweetpeacurli

Currently loving:
  • Vo5 tea therapy conditioners
  • Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner
  • Giovanni Direct leave-in
  • Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee
I am now completely out of the closet as the craziest of crazy cat ladies. I own it. I embrace it. I am one with the crazy.
I use a lotion, Aveda Be Curly.

coarse, thick 3a
modified cg

Something else. Conditioning cream leave-ins with hold. Specifically, Boots Curling Cream and AG re:coil. I don't ever use them alone. I always use them over a leave-in conditioner because my ends do better that way. With shorter hair, I could probably skip the leave-in.
3a/b, fine, lots of it
i voted for gel. right now i'm using tizz no frizz and will continue to use it at least until the tube is empty. by that time, i'll know if i need to try something different. i also (sometimes) use jessicurl awe inspiring spray lightly misted over it when it's dry (only if it's too frizzy though)
chin length and slowly growing
still experimenting
I love gel! It is my main product and I do like to use it on top of a leave-in but some gels I can use alone. Gel keeps me frizz free!
3a with 2c
I voted on mousse (Joico Ice Whip). But first I layer AG fast food leave in, Ice whip and then Pantene curl reviver sprayed on top. Works very well for me. I have not found a good gel as of yet. Herbal Essences I cannot find anywhere (is it available in Canada specifically Toronto area?) and Aussies gel+water didn't work for me (I've heard it worked for some). Is that Suave gel in a black tube? I may try it...
Hair Type: 2C (3A with stylers): Using Avalon organics Biotin shampoo/condish, Suave coconut condish, AG:Recoil, Aussie gel+water...ALWAYS experimenting wth something different

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