thinking of new cut>scared to DEATH of shrinkage!

so heres the deal... my hair is ... well long. when it was short.. i mean like... bra strap leangth... i always straightened it... but now its long.... its layered but long layeres... and well im looking into shakiras new hair.... i fel inlove when i first saw it.. theres the link for all yous who arnt quite sure what im talkin about... but yeah im scared im oging to go back to straightening cause maybe itll frizz out and puff out like crazy on that short layer near the top... because of the lac of weight... ugh... im clueless... hit me with your opinions. im ready... lol
That might be a tricky style to maintain for those who don't have personal stylers. I would be a bit concerned about the short top layers poofing out. Why not try longer layers to start with and see how that works? You could always cut the layers shorter later, if you want.
When you get it cut, request the top layers to be left a bit longer than the style in the pic just in case of poofing. The longer hair may weigh it down a bit. If it ends up not poofing, you can handcut those pieces to match the rest. Hope this helped? God bless!

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