hair growth update

I am so excited. As my hair is growing back in after my bc, I have noticed little corkscrew curls developing. I cant stop playing with them. I keep pulling them and letting them spring back Prior to going natural, never thought my hair could do this. The surprises keep coming.

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Your hair is just lovely and soooo inspirational!!! Congrats on the growth...that's awesome!
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My hair pics!
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Thanks alot I think we are all inspirational to each other. Thats what is best about this site :P

natural since 6/05
Your hair is growing in nicely. Next thing you'll have a whole bunch of little ringlets/corkscrews that you're going to find yourself playing with all the time.
A wonderful mix of coils, curls, corkscrews, and kinks.
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i wish my hair would grow....*grumbles and walks away*
Thanks alot Shygirl, I got a secret(I am already playing with the curls) hehe. I cant keep my hand out of my hair. I know its really gonna be bad as my hair gets longer.

Girl whatcha talking about growth, Im trying to get where your at
BTW I was looking at your fotki, what does vegatable glycerin do for hair.

natural since 6/05

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