For those using Boots curly creme(pink one)

If anyone has notice some negative side effect to using this creme on healty curls please let me know. thanks
Hair type: mix of everything but bushy
"Do not brush curly hair, it makes it look like bad scribbles"
my 5 year old curly haired girl, now a teen
I'm more of a 3b -- fyi, but I just started with the white Boots Botanical (Botanics?) cream. (I've heard the white is almost identical to the pink.) I don't love it. I can't really say it's drying or damaging or anything because I've used it only a few times. I've discovered it is OK to use on 2nd day hair mixed with some DevaCurl Angell, and scrunched into dry hair. So I'll keep it for that purpose. But I'm not really loving it as a 1st day styling product. It just makes my hair feel a little too producty and too stiff/stuck together to run my fingers through (if i wanted to) or to fluff up. But I could see how it might be a very good product on the *right* hair.

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