Curl girl activator update

Okay I tried smooth n shine , its cool except for it feels a little sticky and its not really heavy like I like a gel to be so I have to apply a little more. So in the mean time I found another gel called Long aid which pretty much has the same ingredients as smooth n shine, except it is heavier and not sticky like smooth. I am loving it.

natural since 6/05
I used Long Aid Curl Activator gel back in 90-91' when I was natural then,too,and it kept my hair moisturized and soft.I see it at Wal-Mart in the little jar.Iuse to buy it in 32 oz tubs baack in the day.Are you getting second day hair? I can't remember if I did or not,I know I liked it alot though.,then I started using Dax hair grease after my first daughter was born.
3B-3C, alittle past tailbone length,age:41 years
I change up so often, always looking for better. And I found something that works better by accident. I love IC fantasia but wasnt able to because my hair looked dry afterwards. But when I went away this weekend I need some hair products. And ended up having to use kemi oyl with fantasia. And it worked out. My hair is shiny, touchable with no crunch plus it dries quicker than the activator gel. I have been using it for a couple days and have been getting consistant results.

natural since 6/05
I'm happy for you.There's nothing worse than having the gel dry your hair.Your curls are cute by the way.One of these days I'm going to get some pics up.The only thing I liked about the Dax grease is that it smoothed my hair out and let it hang long and straight without having to blowdry,I still have it,but it's too greasy.I like gel better,and it's easier to wash out despite the shrinkage.
3B-3C, alittle past tailbone length,age:41 years
Thanks alot. Yeah thats why I like fantasia it really weighs the hair down really good. I cant even explain how happy I am about this discovery. As sick as it may sound, I used to sit and try to figure out how to make it work with my hair to the point where I was happy and just be able to style it and go(which is one of the reasons for going natural) I think I am finally here It will also save in the pockets. :dance:dance.gif

natural since 6/05

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