i'm back and need some more help

hey guys its me again amanda sorry i have been busy the last few days with scool ending and other things wells i'm having the some problems still heres what i do.....
Sunday night- put ojon in and go to sleep
Monday- go in shower with apple cider vinger and honey (warm water in both) put on one then wait a few mintues the do da same with honey. Then i use suave citrus conditioner in my hair leave it in do my shower stuff then wash out get out off da shower while drippin wet i put in aussie styling gel and l.a looks gel (blue) i also found this other gel and put it in my hair (its called dippity do) and leave it
1 hour later- looking good like it for the rest of the night
monday night- do pineapple and sleep
tuesday- looks okay till i put water and conditioner in it put it in bun for the rest of the day
wen-wash looks awful 1 hour late
thursday-worse bun
fri-wash awful 1 hour later
sat-awful bun
and so on and so on this is the cycle of my hair what am i doin wrong again?? also i'm training for a job what products do you guys use? dat you can recommand for a chinese/jamaican hair?? thanks Amanda
Hi. Sorry you're frustrated with your hair right now. Have you read through the post "any 3b/c out there?" People talk about their routines and what products they use.
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I am white/black biracial (if that helps) and have dry 3b hair. I've started the Curly Girl thing and have been using DevaCurl products (mostly no-poo and One condish, occasionally low-poo, and a little bit of Angell each time I wash my hair.) It has been working really well.

I can't speak to the Ojon...never tried it. But are you using too much gel? It sort of sounds that way to me. If I use too much gel, my hair gets stiff and dry and feels like a helmet. I tend not be a food-y (not comfortable using too many food products in my hair, especially not the sticky ones). Personally, I'd recommend DevaCurl and the Pixiecurl diffusing method. But that's just me. I've had only a few not-good hair days since starting CG, and those were because I was still experimenting with different products/amounts/combos, etc.

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