Anyone ever tried this curls stuff?

its called CURLS
it claims to be really good anyone ever try it?
i think its mostly 4 3c hair
its called CURLS
it claims to be really good anyone ever try it?
i think its mostly 4 3c hair
Originally Posted by kittykat3
It was originally designed for "multiethnic" hair, implying Black and something else, which encompasses a variety of textures, I guess the majority being somewhere between 3b and 3c, but it is certainly being used and effective on a number of other hair types that also desire moisture, definition etc.

The products are available here on CurlMart and the product reviews section of CurlMart or the reader's product reviews on the forums. I am currently a product tester for Curls, and there are new silicone-free products coming out.

I like most of the Curls products a lot. A few I find a little too light for me, but I love the Essential Element moisturizer and the Asian Hair Tea conditioner. The liquidy styling products work great in spray bottles to touch up my hair.

If you are doing CG, you can't use a lot of their stuff.
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Most of the curlies on this site have tried atleast one of their products. It's also sold here in the Curlmart. And it's not just for a particular hair type. While it targets multiracial and biracial hair, many other curlies who don't necessarily fit into those categories use the products as well, with great success. Actually, there is a thread on General Discussion section talking about the new conditioner(Curl Ecstacy Hair Tea) and you'll find threads also under the Product Reviews section.

I've used the Coconut Moisture 2 the Max condish, and all styling products under the Curly Q line, and liked them all. I don't use them as much right now, but they're still some of my favorite products.
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Yes, I like this line a lot. You get good value and performance for the money, and I also like to support small businesses when I can do so. Since I am modified CG and shampoo 1-2X a week, the cones, etc.. don't bother me (although I prefer not to use cones, so am really happy with her new products).

My favorites so far are Curl Enhancing Lotion, Hair Tea Conditioner, Essential Elements, Coconut Cream Moisture 2 the Max and the Avocado Oil. I recently ordered the Curl Revival and will let you know if I like it!
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