Kemi oyl

I was just wondering if any other curlies use it. I went away this weekend and forgot my coconut oil and the only other thing I could get my hands on was Kemi oyl. I played it under my gel and it worked really well and I like the smell. Just wondering if anyone used it long term and how it worked out.

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I'm going to start sounding like a borken record soon, but I love their Shea Butter pomade. I've also used the conditioning spray and the oil and like those alot. I use the pomade for slicking my hair back, or when I put twists in my hair.
A wonderful mix of coils, curls, corkscrews, and kinks.
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A great product. I've used the Kemi Oyl after conditioner washes in the past and it made my hair really soft. I've since switched over to olive oil, but would use it again.
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Well it is the end of my day, and have been hoping to find something that I can use with IC fantasia that would keep my hair shiny and not dry it out. With kemi oyl I have found that. It works better than the jojoba oil and coconut oil for me. I only need to use a leave in, the kemi oyl and the gel. With these I got fantastic results.

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Kemi oyl, the little plastic bottle? I have that stored away, I only used it when I flat-ironed my hair and I loved it for that. But now I will pull it out and try adding it to my leave-in. Thanks for the reminder.
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