I'm Soooo Frustrated!!!!!

I've been following the CG routine for about 7wks. and my hair looks like a frizzy mess! My hair is a Cb/c and very thick and about 2 inches below my shoulders. I've been using Suave coconut cond., or milk and honey, with honey and then I use a micrfiber towel to scrunch. I add some glycerin, honey, gel,cocnut oil or whatever oil I have. It looks awful and itches also. I've rinsed once with ACV and poo'ed once with creme of nature. I need serious help. PLEASE
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shoulder length/ very thick
Have you tried DevaCurl products? I love them, personally. And I find that I rarely get great results when I use a lot of food and hodgepodge recipes. I prefer the commercial stuff -- tried and tested. And I subscribe to the less is more philosophy. Maybe ACV rinse again in a few days and try One Condition? Just my thoughts...

the cg routine is good.. no doubt. but for me.. as much as it helped my curls.. it totally messed up my scalp. i have dandruff and my scalp is itchy! because of that i hv hair loss. today i shampooed my hair.. scrubbed my scalp.. then did the routine.
everyone complimented in my office. maybe u you should get out of the CG. i use FOTE these days as my gel.
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hi! im sorry youre going through a rough hair patch!! i do curly girl and use her products from start to finish so maybe i can try to help. there was a time though when i stopped curly girl b/c i had such bad buildup and a gross dandruffy scalp. it was nasty. i would strongly recommend mixing 1 tbsp of brown sugar to 2 tbsp of No poo (or a condish if you dont use that). mix it together in your hands and massage your scalp really thoroughly with it all over. then make sure you rinse really well. i found that this really helped with dandruff. also- i would make sure you massage your scalp really well each time you shower, regardless of whether you cleanse. i think it's perfectly legit to buy a gentler dandruff shampoo (like that neutrogenia one) and use it only on your scalp for a few times and then go back to curly girl no poo routine. i dont think you can rouine 7 weeks of progress but others disagree. better to not let it spiral out of control. i owuld also try laying off all those food remedies and keep it simple (except the brown sugar, its awesome).

make sure you use tons of condish. what type of gel/product do you use? is it entirely CG friendly? i know i used all CG ok'd products when i had my CG problem but i was layering on way too much stuff and my hair was just coated and miserable. now my routine is much simpler and my scalp doesn't itch or flake. it took a while, but it is much better for my hair HTH-- feel free to PM me
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Thanks for your suggestions. I guess that I'll try a line but which one? Maybe Jessicurl. I washed my hair with my Ojon shampoo and conditioner and really scrubbed my scalp with my finger pads and it doesn't itch as much. I ran out of the the ojon treatment which is great. I'm going to try the brown sugar scrub. I hope that I can get my hair moisturized again. I have used 2 different types of gels "Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera" gel and Aussie's "Tizz No Frizz" gel. Well my hair stays in a big poofy, frizzy, dry ponytail and it is unbecoming of a 38yr. old mom of 2 teens.
3b/c last relaxed 9/2000
shoulder length/ very thick
Hey Nina,

I do a modified CG routine. I cleanse my scalp weekly with Aubrey Organics Island Naturals and follow with the conditioner. My scalp doesn't flake, but can sometimes get itchy, this has helped me out ALOT! Also, this line does not have sulfates and is very soothing to the scalp.

But my suggestion is that you don't put as many products on your hair at one time. I usually only layer two products like an oil and a gel or some other leave in and my frizzies have been tamed all summer!
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