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I just wanted to say hello and that Im new here. I have a question. I just looked at the hair types and I see that im a 3B instead of a 3c/4a as i always thought . I was wondering what products do you ladies use on your hair. Cause I need to find some products and I want to know which ones are good.
3B-Hair Type
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read the thread about honey.
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There are some product recs on the "who else is a 3b/c" thread that I started on this board. However, Amneris's thread on the 3c board is the MONSTER source for hair products and tips, so you might want to check that one out too.

So, where are your hair pics? We wanna see your curls!
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rapunzel--welcome! i also want to see your curls. I use non greasy moisturizing products--see below--layer boots curl creme, curl keeper and a light gel. feels gushy btu i plop into a turban towel thing and then it dries great. I am envious of people w very long hair and am trying to grow it butit is SLOW
post pics soon!! mine are below-- susan
Susan suburban NY
3b going gray, not thick, waist length when wet, a bit below shoulders when dry
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HG: suave and honey for co-wash, deva, i use garnier fructis regular CO's or boots pink or white as leave ins and LA looks sport gel. plop w microfiber turban, then curl towel scrunch, then another turban.i sleep with the turban on. little one minute hair styling videos

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