Hello Everyone,

I went into Target today to get some Biolage Hydrating Balm because I discovered it really worked well for detangling and moisterizing my hair. I noticed Biolage is a product made by Matrix (this will all make sense in a minute). I happened to glance at the Suave conditioners and I see Suave Sleek. I start reading it and it says it works just like Matrix Sleek. So I am thinking well, I don't use Sleek, but I use a product by Matrix that works really well, and the Suave is only $1.79 where Biolage is $16.49. So I figure what the heck! I tried and and it worked wonderfully. The shampoo was moisterizing and made my hair and scalp feel really clean, and the conditioner softened my hair even further and detangled just as well as the Biolage. I had almost no knots when I combed out my hair in the shower and it felt so soft. I just wanted to share this and see if anyone else has tried it. I love cheaper alternatives!
Short 4A Hair.
The Suave knock-offs are great products. I liked the Sleek and also rotate the Awaphui (sp?), moisturizing formula and tropical coconut conditioners.
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That's great, but I no poo. Does the condish have cones?
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Sleek is part of Suave's Pro or Perfomance series which I believe has Dimethiconol. The Naturals line, however is cone-free.
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Yes, the condish does have cones. But it works so well for so cheap, it doesn't bother me. But I do shampoo so I understand your concern. I don't know about the naturals line.
Short 4A Hair.

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