Stacked bob/inverted bob on 3b hair....

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.....I was Christmas shopping at Target 2 nights ago and I saw this lady with 3b curls just like mine.

She had the most amazing curly bob I've ever seen...I can't find any pictures online, but it was a steeply angled bob with the little long pieces in the front like Rhianna's. This is the closest I can find, but the girl at Target had a more angled effect--the tapered nape went a little higher. She didn't have bangs.

I have had a straight bob before (also inverted), but it was a real pain trying to keep the hairline and front straight in the summertime, and because the bob wasn't layered, it looked awful when curly. If I had that cut, I wouldn't even have to worry about straightening it!

I am trying to grow my hair out from a Caesar this past summer to butt-length (it's about 3 inches now), but now I'm going CRAZY waiting for it to get long enough to get that bob cut! I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!

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That cut was huge in the 80's. I had one myself and it seems to be making a comeback.

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I tried to find a more accurate depiction of the girl's bob, but it is IMPOSSIBLE!!! I keep getting the same versions of extremely dated pictures, or either the website will have no pictures.

In looking at the link I posted, I can definitely tell that the bob I saw at Target was nowhere near as 'triangley' or 'mushroomy' as in the link. The shape of her bob was more inverted/graduated.

I was so amazed because I didn't even know you could even get curly hair into that style. Whoever cut her hair had to have put some layers into it because it was so curly, yet the effect was very---structured---or something. It wasn't just an unruly, curly triangle wedge like you'd expect--the shape was identical to Rhianna's or maybe Victoria Beckam's, but curly.

It was quite stunning; I have no idea why I haven't seen that haircut more often. As it is, I'll have to sit down and draw a picture of the cut for my stylist, as I simply cannot find any decent images of it.
I have that cut! I'll need to get some good pictures of it. The back looks a LOT like that picture.

The trick is in getting the top layer to show the shape you're describing. Right now mine is more puffy or something than the shape the cut was originally. The front part keeps wanting to curl up a TON so it ends up looking shorter despite being longer, and if the curls overlap too much it ends up poofing. So it's a hard cut to get just right with curls! This time my stylist cut off more and the general shape didn't stay as much I think, because she was trying to help so it wouldn't be shaggy and messy looking when I went back in 6 weeks later to get it cut again. It's a HARD style to maintain if you're like me and have hair which grows at least an inch a month!
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Oh, WOW....I bet it is so cute. I've GOT to see a picture. Is your actual hair texture like the model's in the link I posted. My texture is pretty close to the model's.

I feel some discouragement because my hair grows really fast. If I can remember correctly, the girl at Target seemed to have considerable amount of length on the top. The front parts of the hair (around her face) came about to chin level or slightly below. I see already that I don't have even halfthe length required for the style.....not right now anyway. I'm sure she needed it so it wouldn't end up being a fluffy triangle. <---That's my biggest fear right thurr.

ETA: People love, LOVE cutting my top hair (canopy) shorter than the bottom, even though the results are never very pretty. No matter what type of style I have, chances are somebody's cut the front and top shorter than the rest. I've seen some really dated photos of women with pyramid-shaped fluffy bobs with big fluffy bangs....but I think my stylist knows better than that.

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At least from that pic my hair looked about the same texture. The back is super stacked like that, and the front is about to my chin. It's a VERY fun style!
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
I just got a bob (longer much longer than this one) and I don't like it at least not yet.

Totally off topic but... NetG I love KT Tunstall : ) I have a hard time finding people who even know who she is. Do you like the new CD Drastic Fantastic right? I saw this in the store the other day because I was picking up a copy of eye to the telescope for my best friend for Christmas.

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I do enjoy Drastic Fantastic! She was just in town this week (last night), but it was for a concert which was going to be mainly Indigo Girls, who I'm not a huge fan of, and didn't want to pay how much it would cost. But KT is supposed to be AWESOME live.

I actually want to change my signature line now, but loved that song, and it reminded me of someone who is known as the funny guy who is really a mess and I pity a lot right now...
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
About the curly bob. I went back to my old products I was using and I used distilled water to wash my hair and it came out awesome. This hard water is killing my hair ahhhhhhhh need a water softener

Net G
I just thought you might want to know you can watch her live on youtube for a lot of her songs. Honestly there is a version of Black Horse and a Cherry Tree that is much better than the one on her album. Here's the link enjoy : )

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