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How I get clumping,definition, and too many curls to handle!

Ill start of saying that i have 3c maybe some 4A not sure but my hair curls very tightly and can hold a curly through almost any condions once it curls...

Now let me tell you how I get clumping, definition, and too many curls to handle everytime! It may be cheating but it works. I have my hair braided, but wait not the traditional cornrows your thinking of. I have my hair braided where each braid falls off the scalp and hangs. To give you an idea of what it looks like, far away it resembles dread locks. These braids are about the same size as a drinking straw. I have my hair braided wet and I allow it to dry usually a period of three days(with out an external assistance; just natural air). Once the braid has taken a good hold, i have them carefully taken down with no combing.( For exra hold use gel befor braiding)When its all taken down i have krimpled hair at the top and curls at the ends this is when it is dry. Next I jump in the shower poo, condish(no combing), and rinse. Through all the cleaning process my hair seems to clump from the previous braids and the water alone causes for amazing curl locks...that just hang with their own strict definition and space. I can shake it and all that good stuff i like to call it Individuality among each curl. I think it is the parting of the hair when it was braided that accounts for the nice locks. Just thought i would share that with you ladies and i think it does offer an alternative hair style, not sure you would like it but hey its a new style that give automatic curls after washing. Shygirl723 has a pic of my hair braided this way although its not that good of a pic as in terms of hair photography but thats my 2 cents on curls.

I have always allowed my hair to curl up in this manner but im still struggling with the routine/priducts to get my hair to curl this effeciently after i comb it out (with condish) working hard and who knows maybe ill get it one day. Im gonna try to comb products through instead of finger combing. If that doesnt work then ill buy the damn d4 and brush it out. If that doesnt work, Ill come back and question the living crap out of all of hope you enjoy the post.

I got the Curls for the Girls and the Waves for the Babes!
Have you ever heard of Braid Outs/Twist Outs? A lot of women do that every same thing. So you're on the right track
Transition: May 03
Bc'd on Feb 14, 2004
Length: 8 - 10'
Type: THICK curly/coily/wavy
GOAL: Healthy Bra Strap Length
HG: (I'm going to step out on a limb here and say...) Smooth N Shine Curl Activator & Fantasia IC w/ Sparklites
I get the best clumping wen i plop
( k that sentance sounds kind of weird but u guys no wut i mean)

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