Spinoff: Ingredients your hair doesn't like

Here's my list:

magnesium sulfate
too much protein
drying alcohols
too many oils in one product
too many butters in one product
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(taking a break from posting starting late august 2009)
im bad at ingredients.. but products :
Umberto Gianini jelly (pink)
And the end of the day , all you've got is yourself..
petroleum (sp?)
oils (I need to try this again, but straight EVOO made my hair hard.)
proteins (I can tolerate these, but too much means trouble, I think.)
And I'm finding to my surprise....cones....which I used ALL the time before because I loved the slip and feel of them in my hair, especially in conditioners.

I think my hair does better in the long run with truly (as opposed to alleged) natural/organic products.
3b/c, fine hair, low porosity. Had dreadlocks for three years and combed them out a year ago. Currently letting my hair grow...
Honestly, I can't tell.
Free your Mind and your Hair will Follow
Curli's pics
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I don't like:

SLS or close relatives
mineral oil
large amounts of oils, any kind
polyquats (I think these are the yucky ones....I'd have to check)
drying alcohols
petroleum or derived products
really long ingredient lists with things I can't pronounce
3A/B hair, fine and lots of it
currently loving: Suave M&H conditioner, CurlKeeper, B&A gel
Honestly, I can't tell.
Originally Posted by Curlilocs
I can't tell either. But I'd really like to know.
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I've been here almost a year and look how short my list is. It takes time to figure out what your hair likes and doesn't like. But, once you do, you save a lot of money with product purchases.

I forgot to list waxes and petrolatum.

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