Okay, is 3a hair normally like this?

Are the following typical of 3a hair...

May be mostly curly, but won't hold a curl from a curling iron?

May have straight-ish tendencies at times, but the bangs won't stay straight when a flat iron's used? Though I didn't have a problem keeping all of the hair straight when I didn't have bangs when a flat iron was used.

May have some waves, but overall when the hair's braided wet & left to dry in the braid or when a small 3-barrel waving iron's used on it dry, the hair goes "pouf/frizz" instead of looking loosely crimped/tightly waved?

This one was already covered on the Gen Discussions board some time back & I think it was decided this is typical of fine loosely curled hair... When put up in a ponytail, in a bun, in a claw clip, whatever, the curl falls out & loose waves to straight-ish hair is the result.
Hmmmmmmmmmm, I consider myself mostly 3a but I think my hair is very different from the type you described. I don't use a curling iron, but on the rare occasion that I do my hair holds the curl very very well. It springs up so much and holds for a long time even without hairspray. (I remember this from senior prom) The only time my hair has straight tendencies is when I pull it up very tight into a bun when it is wet and when I had bangs (big mistake), they curled up in the tiniest hint of humidity but would stay straight if I really concentrated the flat iron in that area. Sorry if this isn't helpful.
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Sorry I wasn't clear on the straightish part. What I meant was, sometimes there are straightish pieces.
You sound close to me. If I braided my hair I ended up looking like a sphinx. I could never get my bangs straight. If I use a product my hair that does not agree with it, it weighs down my curls and they end up looking flat in some spots. I get individual strands that are straight mixed among my curls, but I noticed my hair does that before it falls out. However, I never had a problem with my hair holding a curl from a curling iron. That last part could be where the 3b in me comes in to play.
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Okay, so maybe it's the products my stylist was using to hold the curl from the iron, which may have made it too heavy & so pulled it out.

And perhaps the hair needs straightened before using the 3-barrel waving iron?

I still don't know what to think of the other 'problems' though.

My hair has never held a curl from a curling iron. And when I braid my hair going for a cute crimpy look, all I get is poofy lion hair. Not a good look for me. I don't know about straight bangs though as I've never had bangs.
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