Experiences with Ouidad gels?

I bought Ouidad moisturizing gel about half a year ago and after a couple of good days, it started making my hair stringy and poofy, so I tossed it in the "failed experiment" pile. This weekend I ran out of the other gel I'd been using and grabbed the Ouidad and had great results: moisturized, shiny, clumpy curls that hung. Better than re:coil or S-Curl!

For the life of me, I can't figure out what I did--even when Ouidad was working for my hair the first time, it didn't look that good. Here's what I did: wet hair in shower, applied/brushed through about 3 tablespoons Elucence condish, put on a shower cap, washed myself, rinsed hair for a couple of seconds, scrunched in Ouidad, twisted hair into 4-6 sections, undid twists after about 15 minutes.

All I can think is that my hair is possibly in better shape than it was half a year ago--or that my new twist-out technique works better with the gel. My fear is that I just got one of my twice-yearly good Ouidad Moisturizing Gel days.

What have your experiences with this, or other, Ouidad gels been? I'd love to get this look every day--it's what I've been searching for!--but I want to be prepared to be depressed ahead of time if I can't.
3c, chin-length. Natural since 2002 and loving it! Nursed hair to health and now only need two products: Elucene Moisture Balancing condish and Enjoy Sulfate-Free poo. EVOO (or Ojon, if I get a sample) as DT. Don't be afraid of conditioner!

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