Clueless mommy here.

My little one has fabulous 3c hair. Right now it's about 5-6" long. I love his hair and want to continue letting it grow and be curly. The problem is that I'm not exactly sure about how to care for it. I'm a 4a who's learning about her own hair type. Now when confronted with 3c on a 3-year-old boy, I'm absolutely lost.

I can't keep his hair in braids and getting it untangled and co washed nightly is near impossible. What other options do I have?

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-wenever you wash his hair also comb it out.
-don't wash it more than 1ce evry 2 days.
-use products to give lots of moisture.
-use rinse conditioner for evry bath he gets especially after shampooing.
-its easier to comb this type of hair wen its wet.
-make sur to use a leave in moisturizer after his hair is rinsed.
-I use vaseline. just sort of clap his hair between ur hand to smooth in the product.
-if u use vaseline done use too much
Does his hair have to be condish' washed every evening? I would think that his hair is pretty healthy right now, so maybe doing that everynight isn't needed. Maybe(at the most) 2 times a week, and then using a good moisturizing/detangling leave in(and maybe some coconut oil or shea butter)

I don't have any children, but when I was younger, my mother would put my hair in many little braids(not too tiny) or cornrows, and would just keep my scalp/ends lightly oiled. This would last me maybe 1-2 weeks, depending on how active I was. My nephew also had little braids put in his hair up until he was 4 and my sister had to cut them off because his father thought that he looked too much like a girl.

Not sure if I've helped, but I tried. Maybe some other mommy curlies can help you out. You may want to try to Young Curlies forum.
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I only wash my 3 yo's once a week. She is a 3c/4a. It stays in the curls because I finger swirl each and every one.

Here is our 1/week routine:

-Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (1 T acv to 1 cup water)
-Condition with Trader joe's nourish conditioner, honey, olive oil. I work through her hair with my fingers and work out all swirls and knots, and co-wash.
-Put in a little of the conditioner, a little olive oil, some LA looks green gel, jojoba oil, and sqeeze it throughout her hair
-Swirl each curl. She watches cartoons.
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Here is my 3year old boy routine
His hair is pretty short, so I am mostly looking for moisture, not styling. He has desert dry hair.

Once a week "wash" with Elucence or with Aubrey Organics Island naturals poo. Depends on what I feel his hair needs.
Every day or every other day - condition with Elucence rinse a little bit or nothing out.
Sometimes I add a drop of olive oil to Elucence, mix together and apply.
Apply a tiny bit of KC curling custard for shine.
definately go to the parents of curlies forum. Lots of good tips there, esp. for 3c
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