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Would anyone happen to know of any good hair stylist in Atlanta? I have about 2 1/2 inches of new growth and I'm ready cut off my relaxed hair. Please help.
Not sure of salons in Atlanta -- but I'd love to know too! I think I need a trim and I want to try some color. I'll do my research, but please keep us posted if you come up with anything reputable. Good luck.
3b or 3c (not exactly sure)
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I recently scheduled an appointment with Gertha @ All Natural Hair Salon in Conyers. She uses natural products. This salon was recommended on this site. I will let everyone know how it goes.
I will let everyone know how it goes
Please do. I live in Decatur. I have yet to find a natural hair stylist.
Traxx International Hair and Make-Up Bar. Go to Sedric. I moved to Atlanta for a year and I found him in a magazine. I rarely trust anyone with my hair, but he is very good and not that expensive. His work is still featured in hair magazines from time to time.
Short 4A Hair.

A couple of stupid questions

Does he give you a barber cut (with clippers) or a precision cut(with scissors)?

Does he understand that some people want to grow natural hair to long lengths? What I mean by that is some stylists I went to didn't want to work with me as far growing my hair. They wanted to keep it short.
No stupid questions. I know how hard it is to trust someone with your curls.

Sed would trim my ends with scissors. He or I never even discussed cutting it with clippers, I guess because no part of my head is shaved. Is that what you mean? He also colored my hair once and it turned out fabulous.

And yes, he understands natural hair and wanting it to grow out. I just read a page in Black Hair in which he was featured. All the photos of his work were women with natural styles, both short and long and he gave some of his tips about what he does with leave-ins and styling products. He will listen to you and work with you and never do anything you don't want him too.

If you decide to go, would you ask him if he remembers Gabby from California? It's been about 3 years, but we were supposed to go out a couple of times. If he does, tell him I said HI! You know, I can probably give him a call about you if you want? Just let me know.
Short 4A Hair.
Thanks, Gabby. I just had a bad experience with N'Seya salon. I got a press but I have heat damage so my hair looks like I'm growing out of a relaxer. Plus, I haven't found anyone who will cut my hair with scissors without messing it up. Sedric sounds exactly like the type of stylist I want to deal with my hair.

You know, I can probably give him a call about you if you want? Just let me know.
Okay. I'll probably wait until December (I want about 3 inches of new growth before I go natural again) so I'll send you an email or PM around that time.
Every single natural person I know, including myself, that went to N'Seya for a haircut had a bad experience. I came out with a helmut of hair. I think their rep, such as it is, is all about relaxed styles.

There use to be a natural place in Little Five Points called something like Sweet Potato something-or-other salon. It's right on Euclid. I think, however, that their more into braiding and twisting and that genre of natural hair styling. Expect to wait.

I didn't have the greatest success in getting my hair cut well in Atlanta. The absolute best stylist I had there had an intractable substance abuse problem, and she got so unreliable that I couldn't go to her anymore (and, sigh, her salon got kind of scary). In any case, she's no longer working behind the chair. It's too bad, because that woman could CUT!!

My next best cutter would be Carol Morrow, who is the owner of Escape salon. She now works at a branch in Buckhead where she does her work. Next to the aforementioned Ann, Carol is probably the person that gave me the best haircuts overall. Not every haircut was perfect, but she had the best average, and I think her technical skills are really very good. Honestly, I think if I were more forward about discussing with her what I did not want, we probably would have avoided the less desirable haircuts. She definitely knew how to manage curly hair, unlike any number of other stylists I went to, who for example thought that the top should be the shortest hair on my head, or who did not know that ruffling around my hair while it dried would induce a frizzy poof ball.

Another good thing about Carol, she was totally affordable, and she was, gasp, ON TIME.

Charles Gregory is a guy who I got out of Essence magazine and who now has a salon in Fayetteville. I feel that Charles's haircuts deteriorated over time, and the last one (maybe 3 years ago) was drastically, inexcusably uneven: the left side was tapered, the right side was cut sharply, mullet-like. Obviously, he just stopped paying attention. Sigh.

I also think his style vision is stuck in the early 90s, and so he's not invested in seeing more natural styles (he used to try to get me to relax my hair straight), and all of his relaxed clients leave his chair looking kind of like they just got a 10 year old haircut. All of that, however, was not nearly as offensive as his disrespect of the customers, who would routinely have to wait HOURS for him to show up. I am not kidding. HOURS. The last time I got a texturizer from him, I watched him get into his car to go run some errands while I sat in his chair waiting for the cut. I promptly got up, paid for the chemical service, and left. I am supposed to spend my Saturday in your chair while you run errands? People slay me.

But I'm starting to rant off-topic. The point was that I could not recommend him, even though he's thought of as a top-of-the-game stylist in the ATL area. I encourage people to have a consultation with Carol Morrow. I was still texturizing when I saw her, but I don't recall feeling any pressure to go that route. I'd probably still go see her for cutting if I was still getting my hair done every couple of months. Since I now get it done so infrequently, I now get in done on my trips to NYC.
My co-worker's hair looks great -- granted, she's not a 3c, but the lady who cut her naturally curly hair was about a 4a/b from her description. Her stylist was named Alicia and she said that she recommended a new styling product when I complimented her on how great her curl formation had looked lately. The salon is named Key Lime Pie and it's located at 806 N. Highland Ave NE in Atlanta. The phone number is 404-873-6512. Good Luck! I plan to try when I find some money -- transmission problems with car, ugh!
3b or 3c (not exactly sure)
Currently using Paul Mitchell The Condition Leave-in, Paul Mitchell Shampoo, Fantasia IC Styling Gel and occassionally PM Styling Foam
PW: curly
Uh. Alicia at Key Lime Pie cut my hair last summer and it was totally, completely jacked up. I was devastated, devastated. It looked really, really bad. I went in there for a trim, and I left with . . . well . . . a true shag. She sent me on my way with my hair still a little wet, and when I expressed skepticism (it was already puffing out into a really ugly shape), she just kept saying that it would look fine when I put my regular products in. I knew it wouldn't, but I didn't know what to do. Two days later, when the disaster was undeniable, I tried to get my money back, but all they would offer me was a corrective cut. I felt that the original cut was so technically incorrect (the hairs on my crown were cut the shortest, which is to say that they stuck straight up), that I was not interested in her cutting my hair again.

Alicia's hair is very cute, to be sure, but I'm of the mind that if you have tight curls, whoever cuts her hair is a better option. Besides me, the only people coming out of her chair were straight-styled, both naturally straight hair and relaxed hair. She trained at Vidal Sassoon, which should've been my first cue, although her very cute 4b hair would seduce any curly into thinking she knew what she was doing. Anyway, if you really want to try her, all I can say is consult extensively. And speak up when you see her doing something different from what you know to work. I sure do wish I'd spoken up when she took the scissors to my crown.
Thanks everyone for all the good info.

Yikes. St. Louis Blue, that's too bad about Greg (I've know Charles Gregory since I was eleven). I was always remember him being quite professional when I went to Cutting Attractions back in the 80s. He and my stylist worked in the same salon.
sck, I got the sense that C. Gregory was going through a lot of changes in the years that he cut my hair (1999-2001 or so). I felt like every six months he was at a new salon. So maybe that had something to do with it. When he paid attention, the cuts would be good. He just stopped paying attention, and that combined with the flakiness about showing up were just too much for me.

I should say, though, I've gotten so many bad haircuts over the years that I'm not entirely convinced that I am not causing at least part of the problem. I don't know what it could be, but I don't hear other people complain about bad haircuts nearly as much as I do.

No problem. Just email me at when your ready.
Short 4A Hair.

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