can someone recommend me a good de-fuzzer?

I'm new to the board and i've been conditioning like crazy, plopping and air-drying the past couple of days.

I think I need a new styling product because I've been using a very soft-hold gel and it's leaving me with lots of fuzzy fly aways when i want definition and shine.

Can anyone recommend me a good styling product for defining curl in type 3a hair? or something that'll at least take away the fuzzies?
i'm a 3a... i think! still new and getting this all figured out.
There's several things you could try. One might be to try Curl Keeper sold in Curlmart. Maybe a heavier conditioner leave-in or washing out only part of your conditioner before applying products. You might also try diffusing rather than air drying. I have to diffuse asap after applying products to cut down on the frizz. A light glossing over your canopy with a pomade or plain old FOTE (Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel) might help also.
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curl keeper and devacurl angell. the greatest frizz fighters ever.
and raking products through seems to cut down on frizz too.
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Honey has worked as a great frizz fighter for me! It has also made my hair very shiny. You could try a honey rinse (1 tsp honey in a cup of water, pour through hair the very last thing and don't rinse out) or try putting a pea-sized drop of honey in your styling product. I put this in my hair while it is still wet, then blot with a towel. This seems to prevent "over-honeying". HTH!
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