so i'm thinking of trying something new...

hair turned out okay with just 1 puddle of B&A but nothing fantastic. didn't take pictures because we had a kitty emergency last we were a little preoccupied.
it's resting hair day (fancy term for ponytail), so i'm going to try again tomorrow with 2 puddles of B&A and see if that makes a difference...
i think the big thing is, i need my hair to grow about another 4 or 5 inches...once that happens, i'll probably be able to go au natural and i won't be so concerned with how many spirals i have. my goal is long healthy shiney hair....and if i have that? i'll be a happy camper!
3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....
okay! i had a decent hair day today!
i did the normal routine, scrunched in a little bit of elucence and honey, and then 3 quarters of B&A. plopped, diffused a little, and then air dried.

my hair is super curly, but i think the extra honey did leave me a bit i'm not going to do that again.

posted new pictures in my hair album below. it's the end of the day, and i have a halo of frizz (probably from driving with my windows down) but i think you can appreciate the curls!

3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....

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