Help! Medium hold gel from drugstore or walmart??

I have a big event tomorrow that I need to get ready for, but I have had absolutely NO time to go looking for hair products the last couple of days...the gel spray I currently use (TiGi Catwalk "Frisky") seems to have stopped working so well or curls have been a little frizzy and undefined lately.

I really really need to know of a medium hold gel that gives DEFINITION WITHOUT CRUNCH...something that won't pull out my curl and won't frizz! Please help, b/c the stores won't be open tomorrow!

My hair is 3a/b, medium/fine strands, between my shoulderblades and the middle of my back. =)
Herbel essence Hunidity defying gel $4 Wal-mart, DEP botanical moisture gel $3 at CVS. Both these work great for me
I recommend Aura Hypoallergenic gel from Sally's for about $4.00. I love this gel = soft, shiny, frizz-free curls!

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