Strange happenings with conditioner

I have to post this, just to see if anyone else has ever had this happen to them.
So, last night I did an ACV rinse, followed by a normal CO wash with Back to Nature conditioner. Then I scrunched in my new homemade leave-in--Suave M&H combined with honey and olive oil--and plopped for about a half hour. I decided not to put any product with hold in my hair afterward--no gel, no mousse, no "activator"--nothing. And after I "unplopped" I scrunched a bit more leave-in conditioner and let my hair completely air dry. (Usually I diffuse until about 80% dry).

...And my hair was fabulous! Ringlety curls, even in my wavy trouble spot in the back! The leave-in was a perfect curl enhancer...Could it be that I don't need nearly as much gel as I think I do? Or maybe none at all? Could it be the honey adding some hold? I'm wondering if maybe I should mix my leave-in with a gel and put it in my hair all at once...Of course, I went to bed about an hour after my hair dried, so I don't know how long these effects may last on a normal day. . .

Has anyone had a similar experience? Advice?
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Sounds like you might have found something your hair likes! I would experiment with it a bit more, if you get the same results everytime you use this mix by itself then you might have a winning combo! If you get poofy results after awhile, you might have overconditioned your hair. If your hair is dry it might not ever get overconditioned though. You just have to experiment. I personally use this mix as a DT, it gives my hair moisture.

Some people don't need gels at all and only use a leave in or cream stylers, you might be one of them. You could definitely try putting a bit of gel to your hair after putting on this mix if you want added hold too. You have so many options to experiment with! I think honey can definitely give you hold, just be aware of how much to use because it can definitely get crunchy if you use too much. Have fun experimenting!
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No experience or advice. I just wanted to say, lucky you!!! I don't think I could ever get away with that. My hair would get overconditioned, and I am not brave enough to try my hair without products!!
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