Finally got a fotki album!

I've been using yahoo photos, but decided to jump on the bandwagon and get a fotki. Check it out: it has different pics than my yahoo page.
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hi girl,
your hair is just beautiful. I love you tight curls, I hope you do to^^

Portae, you have very pretty hair. I like how you can change it up from big chunky corkscrews to an afro puff. I think you have a very versatile length, and if I ever do a complete BC I would do it to about that length. I get those chunky curls like your PM picture and I hope my hair looks half as good as yours after the transition! wowzers!
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Pretty hair. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!
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GASP!!!! Your hair is beautiful girl!!!!!! Nice album! x
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Very pretty, Portae.

I like all of them, especially the fro and short pics.
A wonderful mix of coils, curls, corkscrews, and kinks.
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Thanks so much for all of your compliments! I've been in a funk about my hair lately, so the kind words definitely help!

Amneris, the weird thing is that my hair is so much longer than it looks. Somedays I will have a ton of shrinkage and my hair is above my shoulders, other days it shrinks less. I've started stretching out my roots more often to get at least a bit of uniformity (I also have a lot of diff. textures and lengths).

Shygirl, DO NOT tell me that you like the short hair! I've been tempted to go back to that so often.
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You do have very pretty hair. I love the cornrows. Very nice!
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Pretty hair! Your curls look different on every picture. I like the one where you are in the bus and the PM one.
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Beuatiful, you and your hair! I love the versatility too, and the movement in the PM one.
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Wow, just beautiful. I love longer hair, but you also look great with that short hairdo!
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Awesome hair! I love the RetroHot look!
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