Natural way to loosen curls?

I have 3a/3b, more 3b medium length, thin (but lots of it) curls. I love my hair when the curls are quite as tight. Any tips to naturally loosen them Up?

Also, does anyone use mousse in their routine? My hair loves mousse but I can't fight the frizz as well when I use it.

Hi! Years ago I noticed that whenever I spent the day in the sun and then went home and washed/styled my hair it would be a lot looser--closer to a 3A. Now I only noticed this when I was in a dry climate--California to be specific and haven't had any luck w/this since moving to a more humid environment. Anyhoo, might be worth a shot!
I only have 3a (and possible some in the 2 range) but there are times I prefer my hair to be weighed down some. Heavier conditioners and oils can accomplish this, and so can physical manipulation while it is drying. Either clamp something heavy on the ends like metal clips, or grab the ends and stretch (being careful so as not to promote frizz).
I have noticed that when I turn of my water softener my hair behaves better? Dryer is better sometimes. I live in Michigan so humidity can be a problem here.

I will also try weighting my hair down. I think I need to try some new products too.

I think my hair prefers hard water as well. The days that I have "good" hair seem to be when the water softener is getting ready to cycle and refill....but we have yucky water so we have to soften it for all the practical reasons. I grew up in Michigan--that is one tough place to have curly hair. I only wish I knew then what I know now. When I moved to California my hair felt managable for the first time in my life. But then of course I went and did stupid things to it....anyhow, good luck in your quest for loosened curls. Trust me on this one however--stay away from the chemical straighteners. I'm older and wiser now.
I try all sorts of different tricks to loosen the curls. Some days it works, other times it's a big frizzy mess. I have the best luck when I use a strong hold gel and pull my hair back in a claw clip and let air dry. Takes a long time, but when I undo the claw clip, my curls are looser. I also weigh my hair down with big plastic rollers on the ends and let dry. My second day hair is almost always looser too - but I have to have a good first hair day to even make it to the second!
3B dark brown shoulder length
Co-wash, Living Proof No frizz, Biolage Gel, Giovanni vitapro fusion leave in
I am a 3b (well, except the bottom 3rd of my head that is still growing out from a JapaneseTR) I am always in pursuit of a way to soften/loosen my curl pattern to more of an elongated curl/loopy wave. I know how to manipulate my hair to do that, but am looking for something more permanent - am considering a texturizer/softener.

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