tried a DT on dry hair

I keep hearing about how DT's are more effective on dry hair, so I tried one - I used ORS Hair Mayonnaise, olive oil, and shea butter.

I shampooed my hair in the morning and only used a leave-in (Elucence) so I wouldn't be DT'ing dirt or product into my hair. It was VERY difficult to distribute through my hair - and ORS is quite runny so I imagine it would be even harder with a thicker DT. I thought I had brushed my hair out enough before I started, but I obviously hadn't because when I tried to brush the DT through, it was sticking to some tangly clumps and it took a lot of patience brushing in very small sections to fix that. Hair has to be completely detangled. When I was done, my hair was white with the DT. I put on my plastic cap, sat under the dryer for an hour, and went to bed with the cap on. In the morning when I took the cap off, my hair was black - the DT had totally absorbed into my hair. And I had the nicest ringlets - but they felt hard and producty.

I rinsed in the shower with cold water and L'anza conditioner (no shampoo.) I then left in some Curls Moisture 2 the Max conditioner and olive oil just on the ends. My hair felt a little less silky than when I do a wet DT, and while it was air-drying, I thought it looked awful! But now it is pretty much dry and it looks fantastic - super-defined, just-clumpy-enough, shiny curls and it feels so soft. It is very weighed-down but still springy. That could also be partly because I trimmed my hair on the weekend.

So I would say the dry DT is a lot more work but does yield results - but it's not so, so much better than wet - wet is probably fine most of the time.
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I just posted on the Hair mayo thread that I thought it was a good idea to mix ORS w/ olive oil. Thanks for the idea.

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