Does your leave-in leave your hair dull?


What a shame Sorry to hear that! There definitely are a lot of oils in her products, but unlike some lines (Akiva Naturals and Carol's Daughter are examples), I don't find the oils to be greasy or overwhelming at all.

It is a strange science of which products work on which types of 3c and 3b (including combination 3b/c hair). I hope you can get rid of it on the swap board, and that others have better experiences.
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Hello Potterville,

Please let us know how you like the Blended Beauty products.

I should be receiving mine this week (it's late ), because their orders were backed up but I'm sure its worth the wait.

I can't wait for mine to arrive!
Originally Posted by Canocurls
Well, I don't like anything that I ordered and I'm sure it's because of the amount of oil in her products. The Hair Lotion and Hair Butter, just don't do a thing for me. The Frizz Pudding only made my hair stringy and seemed to force the water out of my hair...drip drip drip The Cleansing Conditioner didn't do a thing and made my hair feel coated as well as the regular Conditioner. I needed to clarify my hair to get it out. I don't know why I don't just learn and honor my hairs request for no oil LOL

I hope you all have better results than I did.
Originally Posted by Potterville
Oh no, that's too bad Potterville. It's such a crapshoot with new products, isn't it? Your hair does not like any kind of oil? I have not figured out if mine likes oil.
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