2nd Day Hair Tips?

Hi! I'm wondering what everyone does to get good 2nd day hair without going through your whole wash/condition/styler regime.

Lately, I find that if I gather my hair into a low ponytail at the nape of my neck, gently twist it, secure it wth a clip or bobby pins at the crown of my head and then sleep in a satin cap, my hair still lays flat, hangs and has curls the next morning. I can usually just spritz with a little water and apply a little leave-in and/or coconut oil the next day and I'm good to go.

What are your 2nd day hair tricks?
3C with some 3B thrown in
I'm starting to follow a similar routine. I apply condish on the ends if they feel dry, make a loose braid and wrap my head up with a silk-like nylon scarf. In the morning a bit more condish especially to the nape (more 3cish there) and I'm good to go.
3b&c mix, CO (most of the time)
i finger curl after i've washed my hair. i get up to 5th day hair w/ this. it takes a lot of time but it's worth it b/c it lasts a few days.
I was getting 3rd day hair by using a strong honey rinse. It was too stringy and stiff... but it was presentable. Plus, when I rinsed it out, my hair looked really good... it was a sort of stealth DT.
3c, CG Fine hairs, med growth.
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