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My texture is half 3b and half 3c, VERY thick and some parts are coarse while others are very fine. My mom is French, and Irish and my dad is African American. So yeah I'm pretty much black and white...haha. I'm on CG method and I use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner for my co wash and L'Oreal Vive Pro Nutrigloss the one in the pink bottle for my leave in, and set me up or tottaly twisted get, i also love Fantasia but it can make white patches or flakes if i'm not careful. Whoah, is that your natural hair color its gorgeous! and your eyes look blue from one picture. I want to experiment with highlights but my mom is not for that at all and my dad thinks I'm crazy when I say I want them.
Originally Posted by multiracialcurls89
Oh your nationality is verryyy similar to mine! I don't really understand the CG thing so I doubt I am anywhere near it. But I use to try a lot of Herbal Essence stuff and never came around to finding anything in their line that worked well with my hair, so now I refuse to use any of the stuff. I have very light highlights in my hair but the reason its so light in those pictures is because the sun highlights my hair naturally too. I always dye it back to dark brown but the dang sun keeps highlighting it (I'm not a huge fan but whatever) Everyone always compliments me though so I would say go for it if you like it! But I'd recommend to start off very slow by adding only a few to the crown of your head and make sure they are no more than 3 shades lighter than ur natural. I have a feeling the sun may end up lightening them once u've had them for a while . As far as any reccomendations I would definitely say you should try the Suave Aloe or Coconut conditioner and see how it works for you (it's super cheap so you can use a ton at a time). And using the CK after a rinse out my conditioner in the shower while its still soaking really helps control the frizz! I'm not sure if the Elucence Elixir is really making any difference yet but I will keep you posted. Love the Elucence poo though and its very affordable!

Hair Type: 3b
Using: Elucence MBC (as leave-in now) & poo, Suave Aloe and/or Coconut CO, CK, Elucence Elixir, Ouidad Tress FX gel.
Considering: KCCC, KCKT, KBB
***don't get the 'CG' thing, whats the hype?***
Originally Posted by Munchy
Wow, munchy! The frizz-less spirals are beautiful!

And Speckla. Every time I see a pic of your hair I am amazed at how fast it grows. Amazing!
3b spirals, fine texture, normal porosity, dense
Deva Low Poo
Suave Naturals Coconut for detangling
Renpure Organics conditioner/leave-in
Homemade FSG
Curl Junkie Stuff

Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.

freshly BC'd!!!
3B/Cish- thick, just above shoulders

Shampoo: Giovanni 50:50 Balanced
Conditioner:Suave Daily Clarifying Conditioner
Leave-In: still looking...
Styler: KCCC

I love all the photos
You ladies have beautiful curls.I will upload a photo to share with you in a little bit.
My hair is naturally curly,very long thick corkscrew curls that are 3B
will add more curl pics soon,thx

My hair is naturally curly,very long thick corkscrew curls that are 3B
will add more curl pics soon,thx
HI everyone
I think I am a 3b also. I only became a CG a little over 2 weeks ago so I am still figuring things out. I have tried to post a picture but it will not allow me too. It says my picture is too large but I see others pictures whom seem larger. How did you do that?! Thanks
Upstate NY
CG since 12/06/08
CO wash/Cond: V05 Vanilla Mint tea, L'Oreal Vive Nutri Gloss
Leave In;GioDLI
Still trying: HE Set me up gel,Jessicurl RR and CCSS, WDT, Plopping, duckbill clips & Pixie method diffusing

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Rear view, August 2008:

It has grown TREMENDOUSLY; I'm wearing it straight as of right now, and it comes right below my chin.
Hey guys! So, I just made my first purchase from curlmart and started using new product so I took some pictures to share with everyone. Pretty sure I'm a 3b as well. Everyone has such lovely curls!


I just took these pictures today! Sorry the brightness isn't consistent...had to change rooms for some haha

sorry this one is faded (couldn't use flash with mirror)

I need hairstyle recommendations & if any of you guys that have tested a many products recommend anything Im not using, please let me know! Im new to all of this.

Hair Type: 3b
Using: Elucence MBC & poo, CK, Elucence Elixir, Ouidad Tress FX gel.
Considering: KCCC, KCKT
***don't get the 'CG' thing lol***
Originally Posted by denise24
WOW Denise, your hair is gorgeous!!!! The length, thickness, and curl are how I'd love my hair to be
3a, fine, highlighted, BSL. HGs so far: GF C&S leave in (d/c), Aussie Tizz No Frizz gel, honey, ACV, CK. Searching for a leave in curl cream to replace GF.
Here is my pic. I think Im a 3b
3b curls..thick & frizzy but manageable
CG since 1/13/09
CoWash: Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze
Conditioner: VivePro Hydragloss Conditioner
Style: Redken Gel 16
Redken Water Wax 03
(Suave Naturals for clarifying also)

Wedding: 4/18/09!
Sorry, I just got my haircut, and I am so excited! I LOVE my curls!!!

I have never loved my curls like I do today. I have done everything to my curls, and I have finally figured out that it is best to go with the curl than fight it. I am so excited! Sorry y'all.
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post your 3b pics-mycurls.jpg  
In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you.
Three months lurking here, going CG and a decent "growing it out" hair cut have left me with happy curls coming back finally! Have you ever seen thinner, finer 3B hair? But my bangs - boy do they have root curl.

I am so happy to have found this board and been inspired by all of you. Thank you.
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"when I sleep, my curls crush flat, like a slinky that's slopped sideways"
Gone 'girly. Last 'poo 10/18/08
Current experiment is Co-Wash and Condition: V05 kiwi lime clarifying conditioner
Then KBB super silky, KCCC, then L'Oreal Melting Gel with a bit of GF Super Stiff mixed in.
Pre-toweling, post-toweling, pre-plop and post-plop. The jury is not out on the plopping thing. I think my hair is too fine.
fine / non-porous / thin aka 3"abba" / oh so Fine / just barely ii
Here's my pics. I actually haven't gone CG yet...but I'm getting ready!
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post your 3b pics-100_1650.jpg   post your 3b pics-100_1651.jpg  
Sorry, I just got my haircut, and I am so excited! I LOVE my curls!!!

I have never loved my curls like I do today. I have done everything to my curls, and I have finally figured out that it is best to go with the curl than fight it. I am so excited! Sorry y'all.
Originally Posted by solsistr77
Oh my goodness, your curls are so beautiful! What do you use in your hair and what is your styling routine if you don't mind my asking?
I love seeing everyone's beautiful curls. Makes it so much easier to learn to love mine - and believe me it hasn't always been easy
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post your 3b pics-kccc1.jpg   post your 3b pics-kccc2.jpg   post your 3b pics-dscn0706.jpg  

3b/c mix; mixture of fine, med. and coarse texture with med-high porosity

Current HG routine: Tresemme Naturals conditioner; AG Fast Food LI; AG Recoil; CJ CIAB = no crunch, lots of body and awesome definition

Dutchess Daydreamer of the Desert Sands in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

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