post your 3b pics

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mak.dc, your hair is awesome! I wish my hair looked like that.

Originally Posted by mak.dc
Wow. great curls. talk about envy!!!
Originally Posted by curlymix
Originally Posted by curlygurney
Love your hair and highlights!
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Originally Posted by mak.dc
Wow - those are some Gorgeous locks mak_dc.
HairType: multi-texture 3a/b/c
Thank you CurlyClaudia!
Hair Type: 3b with a little 3a mixed in
Stylist: Annah at Phia Salon in Columbus, OH
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Conditioner: ABBA Creme Masque
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Originally Posted by mak.dc
Wow, you have some really nice hair.
My hair is: 3b-4a, at my shoulders

My goal: To have my hair down to my waist or near my waist by 2012!

My favorite quote:
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I'm not sure what my curl classification is.
3a or b I guess?

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I'm not sure what my curl classification is.
3a or b I guess?

Originally Posted by Sacheverelle
Looks to me like your 3A, possibly with some 2C/2B mixed in there. I love your hair color, it's very pretty.I'm a newbie here and only started CG and a no poo routine a couple months ago. For most of that time, my hair's been in an icky, frizzy transitioning stage, but just today I think I discovered a good simple routine for my hair. I deep condition with Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner, then comb my hair with either my fingers or a wide tooth comb, depending on how tangled my hair is. I usually do this with water running through my hair, and sometimes bent over so my hair hangs down. When I get out of the shower, I put in some Triple Moisture Silk Tough Leave-in Cream (Neutorogena), particularly applying at the ends of my hair. I have some damage there from straightening without any heat protection and blow drying without protectiong, and occasionally both. When I'm done with the leave in cream (which is kind of like a leave in conditioner) I use Frizz Ease Spiral Style Curl Defining Spray Gel to style my hair. I scrunch my hair with this to help tighten the curly and give my hair less of a square shape. Sometimes I finger-comb my hair with this in, to try and coat every curl to provent frizz. Afterwards, I try to let my hair totally air dry. Even diffusion creates extreme frizz on my hair, but maybe I'm doing it wrong. As my hair drys, I'll press my hands against my hair, one on each side of my hair, and get rid of the crunchiness by sliding my hand down my hair. I have to pinch seperate locks to get rid of crunchiness at the top of my head, but I don't get much curl there. It's most 2A. After a while, my hair with totally dries and comes out, not perfect, but mostly frizz free and shiny. I'm still working out a few problems in this routine, but so far it's working. I plan to layer my hair fairly soon (right now it's all one length in the back and random short locks in the front, with some medium thrown in. That's why I'm not posting pics now, maybe later. ~:-) By the way, you ladies have all got some gorgeous hair!Hair envy!
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Yeah 3a ya think? I really have no idea because my hair ranges from corkscrew to wavy.
I'm not sure I coul ever go totally CG & never shampoo, ever. I only wash my hair now about once every 7-10 days but by then it's definitely pretty dirty & kinda smells like, I or something.
So I just had a baby 6 months ago & I've been really annoyed with my hair. It's just not the same, really just dry & nasty, so I decided to just go & get it Brazillian straightened. Just did it today so it's pin straight from the flat-ironing process. Once I wash it it won't be as pin-straight but it will be 90% less curly-frizzy, much, much softer, & easier to deal with.
I had it done two years ago & it didn't fade out completely for like 7-8 months because I wash my hair sooo infrequently.

SO this is what it looks like right now..
I'll post some picks after I wash it too..

First day washed, air dried with no product.
Waited 5 days after BKT to wash it.

Love it.

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I love your hair color, it's very pretty.

Thanks, it's totally dyed!
My natural color is very dark brown, almost black, probably with a lot of grey too but who knows?
It hasn't been it's natural color in over 12 years.
are we the only freaking pic whores?
come on ladies!
Originally Posted by misfitcurls
What are HG's? "Holy Grail"? What does that mean???
Vicki - I think I am starting to understand!!! woohoo!!!

Devacare no poo, Once Condish. Rinse upside down cold water.
KCNT, KCCC, John Freda Spiral Style Curl Defining Spray Gel, DEVAfuser
Hair Dye: Naturetint 4N Natural Chestnut
I think when someone says they have found their HG/Holy Grail it means they have found their ultimate hair care product/product combo;
& are loving the way their hair looks as a result.
Hey all ,
I'm new here but figured this would be a great place for my first post. Here are some pictures of my, what I think is, 3B hair. Wet and clipped, then several different days dry.
Attached Thumbnails
post your 3b pics-photo-7.jpg   post your 3b pics-photo-10.jpg   post your 3b pics-photo-14.jpg   post your 3b pics-photo-16.jpg   post your 3b pics-img_2678.jpg  

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welcome. Nice curls!

hehe... I won't lie. I think it takes a comfortable man to take pictures of himself clipping and post it.

I hope you enjoy the site!

Mix of 3s, thick, coarse, medium porosity

Current hair styling technique: rake with a scrunch at the end. (works with my coarse hair)
pw: curls

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Sorry, I just got my haircut, and I am so excited! I LOVE my curls!!!

I have never loved my curls like I do today. I have done everything to my curls, and I have finally figured out that it is best to go with the curl than fight it. I am so excited! Sorry y'all.
Originally Posted by solsistr77
Oh my goodness, your curls are so beautiful! What do you use in your hair and what is your styling routine if you don't mind my asking?
Originally Posted by Annaleah
Thank you, AnnaLeah. Actually, at the time that picture was taken, I was using the JessiCurl line of products. I had used the hair cleansing cream and the too shea conditioner to wash my hair. I wash my hair about every 2-3 days because if I don't my scalp gets flaky. To style my hair, I use Aquage defining gel. It takes about 12 pumps of it, but it works. On the ends of my hair, I use AG Recoil because they need a little extra hold.
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Originally Posted by mak.dc
Wow. great curls. talk about envy!!!
Originally Posted by curlymix
Originally Posted by mak.dc
OMG! You have the MOST beautiful hair!

Any secrets?
I'm starting to love my hair

WARNING: I come with spelling errors.

Loving the IceQueen Method

The biggest fight that we will never win, is the one with out hair.

gosh. you guys' hair is bee-yoo-ti-ful[: lol. here's mine:

have a great day<3
Hey all ,
I'm new here but figured this would be a great place for my first post. Here are some pictures of my, what I think is, 3B hair. Wet and clipped, then several different days dry.
Originally Posted by nybz
WOW beautiful curls - (I love curls on a guy). Thanx for sharing & yes I agree, your hair looks 3b.
HairType: multi-texture 3a/b/c

Originally Posted by mak.dc
DDDDDDD: You have the hair I want. NO FAIR. D:

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