post your 3b pics

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Hmmmm... I'm just noticing this is a "3b" thread and I'm thinking I might be more of a 3a? Actually I've got a lot of different curl patterns in there... 3b at the nape of my neck all the way to some 2 "waves" on top.
Originally Posted by stephanielynn
I would say more 3a, but it doesnt matter because your curls are FLAWLESS. I'm in awe!!!
Originally Posted by tengoRizos
LOL well don't be too impressed. I finger curl and "pin" (using those metal clamps) the curls around the front so that they behave the way I want them to. I've got some that want to make tighter ringlets and others that barely want to curl. This way they are a bit more uniform and they match the 3a curls in the middle and back of my head...
Amazing photos in this thread!
3c/4a, highly porous, fine hair.

Co-wash: Herbal Essences Bee Strong conditioner
Leave-in: Pantene Smooth and Silky Oil Replacement
Sealers: mineral oil, grease, shea butter
Styler: Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel


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