post your 3b pics

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Wow you have beautiful shiny hair! I would say you are a 3B, but I'm the wrong person to ask since I think most of the people here on this thread look like they are 3A!So what do I know? : )
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
I was thinking that too. Still all beautiful hair, but we just type mixing on the thread, that's all.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
I have'nt posted a pic yet but I am pretty sure I'm a 3b. I have really ringlet type curls close to my scalp and they get more defined the shorter my hair is. The layers on the bottom half of my head are more wavy then curly. I have a lot of hair but it isn't thick, it's more fine and frizz prone in humid weather. I also have to make sure I don't use heavy products since my hair will tend to droop and way down the curls.

I have used Biolage Creme Curls for a few years now and that seems to be the best product but at times it seems like my hair gets use to it and starts to get greasy when I use the cream on the second day without shampooing.

Anyone have some products they like and use faithfully?

The last time I went to the salon to get my Biolage they were out so the stylist convinced me to try Paul Mitchell's Skinny Serum-it smells delightful and it makes the curls soft, a little bit on the frizzy side but defined curls so I am not completely sold because of the frizz factor and that the curls kind of go all over the place.

Any thoughts?
You ladies have some seriously gorgeous hair!!! ibraidhair: that's my dream hair right there.

I think I'm a 3b, what do you guys think?


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Lovely hair, ladies! Here's my 3b/3c combo.
Originally Posted by orange
Hi orange! Your hair is beautiful! I think I have a combo 3b/3c hair, but coarser and very dense. What's your regimen? Did I mention you have great hair?!

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thank you highlyaddictive, that is really nice to hear. my hair was dry last month, so a stylist suggested shampooing once a month & conditioning every day. i've been using terresentials left coast lemon shampoo about every 3 weeks or as needed, & co-washing daily w/ MHC honeynutt conditioner on the scalp & Aubrey HR on the ends.

i started going all-natural thanks to tips from the all-natural forum, & really like MHC products. when it's still soaking wet, i flip it over and comb MHC sweet almond milk through w/ my fingers (although SA is kind of thin, so i'm going to try their honey hair milk next); then i comb through MHC honeylove pomade (w/ fingers), and flip the hair back again.

next i take a tiny bit of MHC type 3 hair cream, rub it between hands my hands like lotion, & run it through the hair to reduce frizz. finally, for the top layer, i have to comb my fingers through a small section of hair, holding it straight up, & then slowly letting it fall into place (using a little product or water as needed.) that step takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on the hair's mood, lol.

i'm glad the natural products are working ok

Orange, I have to agree - your hair is awesome!!

s.s.blackorchid - love your thick lush curls too. Sorry I can't comment on the hair type thing, I just had to have the experts type me too, LOL.
Currently:Alaffia Shea & Coconut Enriching Shampoo, Alaffia Virgin Coconut & Shea Enriching Hair Lotion, Qhemet Amla Olive Heavy Cream, Qhemet Honeybush Tea Gel.

Last Texturizer: March 12, 2008
BC: July 21, 2008
Hair: Coarse, low porosity, iii.

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Sometimes I think the craziness just curls out of my head..

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I think I'm between 3A and 3B but I'm not sure..

Most recent

Okay, nevermind the doofy glasses and weird expression...this is my hair dry after a shower and running around the dorm for a few hours haha

Me and my roommate (both curly girls!) after more running amok in the dorm
well, as a few others here, i am also not quite sure what group my hair belongs to, sometimes it is more tight and like corkskrews, sometime more bouncy ...
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post your 3b pics-curly001.jpg   post your 3b pics-curly002.jpg  
My hair has always been very long (usually around my middle back to my waiste) but have now gone VERY short! I just started the CG no-poo about 2 weeks now. Still trying different styling products.

3b curls fine/medium & porous (I think)
CO-WASH: Suave Naturals coconut
COND: Matrix Biolage cond. balm or
ACV rince 1x wk
LEAVE-IN: Giovanni DLI,Matrix Biolage balm or Aura Cherry Almond Bark
GEL: HE set me up
SKIN: Purpose gentle cleansing bar
My hair has always been very long (usually around my middle back to my waiste) but have now gone VERY short! I just started the CG no-poo about 2 weeks now. Still trying different styling products.

Originally Posted by shannon35
Your hair looks awesome..........good luck to you
between Botticelli & Corkscrew curly-very thick, coarse hair

When I get to be 'Queen of the World', I will absolish WIND!!!
all of my files are too large - any curlynerds out there?
3B / fine / shoulder length
primarily CG since 01/2004
CO wash: just clear water and scrubbing
Conditioner: Joico Moisturizer / Elucence Moisture Balance
Leave in conditioner: Elucence
style: Aura hypoallergenic gel mixed with FOTE AVG
must haves: duckbill clips and cold shot on blow dryer

Not using shampoo or cones in my hair has changed my life!
I can help with you with resizing your files. You can pm if you want.
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CG since June 15th, 2008
3b very thick hair with very kinky (possibly 3c) curls underneath
Went Deva Care line beginning
September 23, 2009
Update: 10/12/2009 I can't stop playing with my curls!! So soft, shiny and manageable!!!! IN LOVE WITH DEVA Products!!!!!! YIPPPIE!!!!

Your hair is beautiful! Are you on CG?
Originally Posted by mmhair
thank you :-)
I used to use Jessicurl products (they were sent from Holland, but all the travelling made the products a bit pricy, eventhough, I liked them, especially conditioner and deep treatment), but at the moment I use:

Elkaderm Neutrea Plus Sensitive 5% Urea (it´s without parfume, colour,very mild, made in Germany and you can get it only at hairdresser´s)

Elkaderm Neutrea Plus Sensitive 5% Urea

Aloe Soothing Body Lotion from The Body Shop (also preservative-free,franrance-free,colour-free) - first I thought that´s funny using stuff for skin on my hair, but it works wonders

Neutrea Leave-in Conditioner w 5% Urea
Aloe Soothing Body Lotion from The Body Shop

occasionaly ACV rince and honey
Wow... you have the perfect face for this short 'do. Looks fantastic! Great curls and I love your color too!

My hair has always been very long (usually around my middle back to my waiste) but have now gone VERY short! I just started the CG no-poo about 2 weeks now. Still trying different styling products.

Originally Posted by shannon35

Leave In: (currently) Tresemme Moisturizer Conditioner with Vitamin E

FOTKI Photo Album:
I am embarrassed to post my pics because I still have a ways to go, but here you go.
post your 3b pics-photo-3.jpg
post your 3b pics-photo-43.jpg
post your 3b pics-photo-4.jpg
Hair Type: 3b with a little 3a mixed in
Stylist: Annah at Phia Salon in Columbus, OH
Shampoo: I rarely use but when I do it is Abba True Shine
Conditioner: ABBA Creme Masque
Leave in: A dime size of ABBA Creme Masque
Style product fall/winter: Two squirts of Jesse Curl Confidient Coils and one two finger scoop of pink boots
Style product spring/summer: KCCC and CK
password: easy123
You all have such beautiful hair!!

I think I'm a 3a/3b. What do you think? I'm still learning...
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post your 3b pics-me.jpg  
3a/3b - thick, mid-back length (modified CG)
Currently loving: TooShea, CK, RR, CCSS, Re:coil (I am a total PJ, so this may change daily)
My hair and I are finally getting to know each other and starting to become friends!
My hair is a bit shorter right now, but this is what it looks like:

Originally Posted by hockeymomof3
I, love, love, love your hair.............awesome!!!
between Botticelli & Corkscrew curly-very thick, coarse hair

When I get to be 'Queen of the World', I will absolish WIND!!!

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