Life after the cut.

Well, so I got my hair cut two days ago and really loved the way she styled it. Yesterday, I pretty much had it up since it was house cleaning and laundry day for me. So today I decided to duplicate what she did, which was basically just adding in the Curl Amplifyier and using her fingers to aide in the placement of my curls. That's it - nothing spectacular. But, I can't seem to do it myself. It doesn't have that sculpted layered look in the front sides that frame my face and it just seems more fuller...not quite so frizzy, but puffier. Make sense?

Am I the only one that has this problem? I mean, I could understand if she blew dried it straight or did something completley different than what I do.

This is so discouraging. And, we may be going out to a farewell dinner this evening and I fear that my hair will look like I took a pair of shears to it myself.
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Cut my hair off on 11/7/05 and again on 5/15/06
I've decided to keep it short for a while. I'm having a lot more fun with it!!
You are not the only one who has trouble replicating the look that a stylist gave you! I had the same problem after my haircut, and I still have never replicated the look *exactly;* close enough is all I ask.

There are so many variables, it can be hard to figure it out. Did you dry your hair the same way she did? Part it the same way? Apply the product when your hair was at the same wetness level? Those are just a few things off the top of my head. But the bottom line is, your haircut looks good and even if it doesn't look the same as the way your stylist did it, I bet it still looks good! Just keep experimenting.
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This is probably too late... but did she finger swirl the curls? That would cut down on frizz and add bounce. I also find that it cuts down on overall volume, especially if care is taken to swirl the root.

Not that I want to sound like an advertisement for finger swirling.... I recently stopped doing it in favor of a more natural look.
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Hey Stacie Curls-

How are the curls doing these days?? I hope you are settling into your new cut and learning how to work it to achieve the results you want
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Thanks for the responses, gals! I missed the board as I we went on an adventure this weekend.

I have yet to replicate the look but I have been able to work with it to where I like it once it has been styled. I have tried the finger curls but I don't think I am doing it correclty. Practice makes perfect though. What I realize is that what I was missing was crunching it up at the roots, as from years of wearing it in a barret, the roots have become flat. So, that helped did the posts on the board
Stacie - 3c with slight hints of 3b
Cut my hair off on 11/7/05 and again on 5/15/06
I've decided to keep it short for a while. I'm having a lot more fun with it!!

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