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It sounds like my granddaughter is a classic 3C however her hair is light brown and doesn't need a scalp treatment. I need help in learning how to manage it! Right now we use Redken All Soft shampoo and spray in detanglers but isn't there something else out there that works better? Her hair is so hard to comb out after washing it. I was also wondering if there wasn't something to soften the texture when it's dry. It's sort of like a coarse cottonball. Thanks for any help you experts out there can offer!!
first off welcome,
Do you comb her hair after you've washed it or when it has conditioner in it? if you don't comb it with the conditioner you may want to try as it will be easier for you and less painful for her.

there are a few product lines out there that cater to children, such as Curly Q's from the curls line and Blended Cutie from the Blended beauty line there are also some others that I don't know of too well.

Even though I'm not a child I use products from both these lines and find they work very well.
if you want to try ordering samples you can get them at I'm sure someone else will help out but these are the 2 lines I love and know they cater to kids.
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First I would say don't comb her hair unless it is soaking wet and loaded with conditioner. The conditioner will make detangling her hair MUCH easier (less work for you...less pain for her...its a win win!) might want to use a richer leave in other than the spray detangler. It sounds like it might not give her hair enough moisture. Curlycaramel gave some good product lines to try that are richer and will help her her hair lots of moisture!

3. I would also suggest that you ditch the shampoo. She's 3...her hair can't be that dirty. I would suggest that you do a seach on the conditioner wash technique. Basicly what it that instead of washing the hair with shampoo (which is really harsh and strips the hair...which make dry hair even drier!) you wash with a light weight conditioner. I know it sounds crazy, but really...its NOT the suds in shampoo that gets the hair clean...its the washing action. The agent that causes the suds...does more harm than good. Once you switch to using conditioner instead of shampoo, her hair will start to become softer and more manageable!

Hope this helps!
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Thank you ladies for your helpful info. I DIDN'T KNOW I NEEDED TO USE CONDITIONER!! After discovering and reading some stuff on this website yesterday I decided to put conditioner on her hair last night. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! I would love to go to that website and get samples to see what works best now. Thanks again!
Thank you ladies for your helpful info. I DIDN'T KNOW I NEEDED TO USE CONDITIONER!! After discovering and reading some stuff on this website yesterday I decided to put conditioner on her hair last night. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! I would love to go to that website and get samples to see what works best now. Thanks again!
Originally Posted by brendazzzz

Wow, Ok I guess now you know why her hair was so dry.. Nevermind, at least now you know, if you continue to use conditioner you may not need to change the products you use on her.
Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c
Wow I can't believe you never used conditioner My eyes popped out LOL But hey you live and learn. I'm so glad you reached out for help. You don't have to buy expensive conditioners either. I buy Suave coconut or strawberry conditioner ($1 or $1.50) and I can detangle my hair in seconds. Oh by the way, you might want to get a Denham brush (you can get it at Sally's) to detangle the baby's hair. Good luck!!!
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Cosigning on what the other ladies have said. Try that you've got already first. That may just work. Other inexpensive conditioners that I've found work really well are Herbal Essence conditioners (Hello Hydration and Dangerously Straight...don't work, it won't straighten a darn thing on curly hair).

Good luck!
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I know... I can't believe I was so stupid. My daughter has long hair and has to use a conditioner to detangle it so I don't know why it didn't occur to me with my granddaughter. I guess because my kids didn't need it as children. It didn't occur to me that her hair might be dry. It's sort of coarse but I thought that was just the texture of her hair. And thanks for letting me know that cheap conditioner works as well. I got the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream conditioner which is more than I would normally pay and honestly it didn't work any better than the stuff I got at the grocery store. Now I know that too!
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Hi=).My mom didn't use conditioner on my hair either.Now she is surprise to see my curls popping LOL.

Both of my parents are mixed race.During my mom's childhood,my mom sisters could get away with washing with only a bar of poo but my mom couldn't b/c her hair is curlier.

Aubrey organics honeysuckle conditioner(can be found at health store) is great,it can be used after co-washing/detangling with a cheap conditioner that the others suggested.Aubrey has conditioners and shampoos for babies too.Their baby hair products can be used for adults with sensitive scalb.
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so far youve gotten alot of really good advice. the only thing i would add is that it might be beneficial to start doing some research on the curly girl routine or read the book "curly girl" by lorraine massey.
im a huge fan of redken and ive used their all soft and smooth down lines before, but the shampoo is a sulfate shampoo (which over time can be drying) and they do have silicones in them (which can cause buildup and actually block moisture from entering the hair shaft).
I think my sister-in-law may have gotten that book for my daughter. I'll have to get it from her and read it. She's far too busy going to school, working, and taking care of the baby. Thanks all!
My daughter is 2 and is a fine type 3c. I use the blended cutie line, carol's daughter products, curly Qs, and Karen's Body Beautiful Hair nectar. I recently starting using the sheamoisture leave-in on her hair after swimming. Myhoneychild also makes some things that are gentle enough to use on young children's scalp. I wash my daughter's hair with a sulfate free shampoo once a week, anything in between I use curly Qs or blended cutie for a cowash.

Because her head is small I don't have to use a lot of product because the brands I mentioned are high quality and very moisturizing. My daughter has fine hair too, so excessive product will weigh her curls down and make her hair limp. Last month I just finished the bottle of blended cutie shampoo. I had been on that same bottle since she was 4 months old. The products last a long time!!

The daycare always comments on how good my daughter's hair smells. All the other moms ask how I care for her curly hair as well.

PM me if you need any further detailed help!!

But the advice here has been very accurate.

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