"What's that crap in your hair?" - Issues with Highlights...

My hairdresser has become extremely busy and I ended up going to a new place for the first time in six years. I wanted like golden brown highlights, but because I couldn't bring a picture I ended up with a copper blonde. Usually I get two colours done: copper and chocolate brown, but this time I only had one colour done. Now, it'll take some getting used to because it's such a change...and I have been embracing it a bit more throughout the day today. However, a friend saw my MSN picture and said she liked it, and then said "What's that gold and green crap in your hair?" Needless to say I am kind of broken and feel really self conscious about having to eventually leave my house. I didn't think it was the best colour for me, but I don't think it's "crap". She did later admit she thought I edited the photo on my computer and that why she thought I did something to my hair...

Honestly, do you guys think it looks terrible? How do you guys deal with these kinds of awkward hair issues?
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Hmmmm........harsh words from a friend.
Can't access it? Humm that's odd. It works for me when I sign out...

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Well...I attached two pictures from my macbook, they're not as good as my camera ones but you get the idea...
1) Before (the day before...my hair is messy because I played frisbee outside for three hours)
2) After

I have to admit her comment really caught me off guard, but I know she probably felt really bad when I told her my hair was actually like that...and not just some photoshopped mess.
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I think your highlights are great! Don't let anyone put them down - I really like them!
between Botticelli & Corkscrew curly-very thick, coarse hair

When I get to be 'Queen of the World', I will absolish WIND!!!
I think your highlights are gorgeous! What she said was mean and thoughtless, ignore her and enjoy your beautiful hair.
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I love your highlights AND your curls. MAJOR hair envy
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You are as cute as a button! Lovely! I like your curls and the highlights. Very flattering.

I too would just ignore the comment. Sometimes people just blurt out comments or think they see something that is not there.
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I like them better than the older highlights. They are gorgeous in your hair & make you sparkle. Don't let anyone tell you differently!
I think your highlights look great, you are absolutely adorable, and your hair is awesome. It is what my hair aspires to be some day!
I have a friend like that who likes to tease and then sometimes doesn't check to see what a situation really is before teasing...she probably feels bad! Personally, I think your highlights are pretty. They look kind of like curly ribbons in your hair. If you were going for subtle, they aren't, but they're very pretty IMHO.

Aww thank you so much everyone! Your posts really made me feel a lot better about the situation and my hair as well. I don't know what I would do without this place!
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Your hair is beautiful- the color and the curls.

Do you twist/twirl to get such great definition? Or is that natural?
Love those highlights, they look great on you!
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Dont worry about it, I am honestly so jealous of your gorg hair (and Im willing to bet most people on here are too!)
It's definitly a dramatic look. It suits you though. I think it works because of your curly hair, and from your pictures it looks like you have the personality to pull it off. I think she said what she did, because when you're looking at your picture when it's tiny on the screen, the details blur together, and all you see is a dark shape, with bits of light in it. When you see the larger version of the picture up close, you can see all the detail and texture in your hair (like it would be in real life) and then it looks great! Your friend just jumped the gun, that's all. You have lovely hair!

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Are you kidding! I think they look great. When I saw them I thought "OK so where are the pictures of the supposedly bad highlights..." then I realized that was supposed to be them. I like them a lot, and I think you pull them off really well.

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