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Hello everyone! I used to be VERY active on this board until about two years ago when I moved to Germany. Since then, I "tex-laxed" my hair (I'm thinking this means using a relaxer to texturize?) with Elucence's relaxer and had pretty okay results.

For the past year, I've been wearing lace wigs (which are FABULOUS!) and haven't processed the 5-8 inches of new growth. (Oi...my arms hurt thinking about combing it...)

Anyways, I was originally psyched on the Just For Me Texture Softener (not left on as long as the box states) and the Hair Rules products but I haven't really heard proof positive reviews regarding either (except the mysterious Clarice and Variety...)

Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for a tex-lax? I was thinking about trying Hawaiian Silky??

Thoughts? Comments? Oh mighty oracles of curly wisdom SPEAK TO ME!!!! ^_^
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I'm not sure if you'll find your answer here. We all have natural hair here. You might want to try www.longhaircareforum.com
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Welcome back - I recognize your avatar. Unfortunately there isn't much advice here for the texlaxing. But if you maybe want to soften your NG naturally and give yourself a chance to get to know it before you do the texlax, try either a homemade Carmel treatment or clay hair mask.

If you do a search carmel or caramel in the thread title you should find a recipe. Offhand it's pureed bananas (or babyfood bananas), wheat germ oil, honey, molassess, cornstarch (for thickener), ACV and EVOO; sometimes yogurt too. Or try a bentonite clay hair mask on clean wet hair (clay, plain or rosewater, EVOO, honey, optional yogurt).

In terms of stretching or elongating texture, the Hair Rules Kinky curling creame and the new Miss Jessies Stretch Silkening cream both claim to do that.
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