anyone tried Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel? Results?
I absolutely love this gel - it's my HG of gels - no other gel that I've tried can compare to this - It's great for my wash n gos. I use a small amount of leave in conditioner, then i use a small amount of olive oil and the top it off with HE Set Me Up and I'm ready to walk out the door - it doesn't dry to crunchy either. I wish they sold it by the pound.
I haven't used it on my hair, but I used it on my friends hair and It came out cute. She wanted me to do a coil-out, and I'd already tried it once with KCCC. (her hair didn't like it AT ALL - It kind of just sat there)
She had a sample tube of HE set me up and it worked very well - and I didn't have to use much - I didn't even finish the sample tube....

She's a 3c, with a little 3b in the front.
mostly coarse texture, normal porosity... I think?
HG: Generic Matrix Biolage, KCCC, KCKT, CBSS WSHP

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