Help please!!!!!

i'm new to this and my hair's a big disaster, i have a lot of very thick 3b/a hair which gets very VERY frizzy, i love it when it's wet, but when it dries my hair looks awful, it only looks good and defined when i apply A LOT of product, which leaves my hair feeling really sticky and wih white flakes, i'm using pantente products, i've heard they're not very good, but i hardly have other options, because there are very few products for curly hair where i live and i don't think any of them is CG friendly, the products i can find are:
garnier fructis
herbal essences
john frieda produts
redken's fresh curls
the body shop shampoos

can you tell me which of these is better? and what can i do so my hair is not so frizzy?

i live in a very humid city, it rains almost always

Here is a really good website that I found helpful on here.
HairType: 3A & 3B Fine hair w/color.
Shampoo: Giovanni TT Poo
Condish: Suave Color Care
Condish Method: HEHH
DT: Virgin Coconut Oil
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Have you tried tracking down some natural products? Using more natural conditioners is gd until u get to know your ingredients better as you can basically be sure you are not using cones. Some of them really aren't as expensive as you think either. Thats if you are planning to go cg. Afraid I cant help you with the humidity issue (yet to understand it myself!) but there are plenty of threads on that topic, especially at the moment. The website mentioned above is a really helpful source too. Gd luck!
If you could post your whole routine we might be able to give you some suggestions. My 3b hair always looks its best at 80% dry. That last 20% is brutal!

I have found that putting my styling products in my hair before ever leaving the shower, when the hair is still very wet, is the best. It seems to prevent that "dry" look when my hair is completely dry.

Post pictures and the names of the products you are using. I am sure you will get a lot more advice. Hang in there. Natural curls are beautiful!
3b spirals, fine texture, normal porosity, dense
Deva Low Poo
Suave Naturals Coconut for detangling
Renpure Organics conditioner/leave-in
Homemade FSG
Curl Junkie Stuff

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