I put this in the teen forum, but it seems no one will help me...HELP!

How do you guys put your hair up in a pony tail?

I'll be starting work soon at McDonalds and I have to wear my hair up, obviously. I'm also doing this summer theater intensive workshop where we dance a lot, and I have to put my hair up for that.

I used to wear my hair up everyday when I was younger, but I had a LOT less hair then. I'm a 3c with an unbelievable amount of hair. I can't comb my hair back I have so much , I have to spit it down the middle and comb the sides. This creates a part, obviously, and I don't want a part when I put up my hair because it looks weird.

I've tried re-wetting my hair, putting product in it and then trying to put it up, I've tried combing my hair while my heads upside down, I've tried putting it up right out of the shower, nothing works. My hair always gets ratty and the hair thats like on my head not in the ponytail gets all bumpy.

Sorry for the sort of long post, but this is quite important. How do you guys do it?
I just pull it back if it's already been down. The hair isn't smooth but I like it better a bit bumpy. If I'm putting it up right after I get out of the shower I just comb it back and scrunch some product into the actual tail part. Then I smooth a little bit on the sides and tuck in the stupid wispies that fly out by my ears.

Embrace the bumps. It looks weird to me when someone has it pulled back all smooth on their head and then it's all curly in the tail.
The problem is though I can't comb it out without parting it
I usually detangle my hair when I co-wash and leave all the conditioner in. Then I dry my hair with my Curlease towel or/and squeeze the water out of my hair, maybe add some extra product if i need to and then I make a part if i want and pull it back to do a ponytail. I still get the bumps though, but it doesn't bother me.
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If you have long, thick hair, two tricks I used to do is:

1) Braid my hair into a fat braid, brush my sides back, take a HEADBAND, not a ponytail holder, and wrap it around your head a few times until it wraps around your braid.

2) Split my hair in half from ear to ear (just behind the ears) and make a low pony with the hair at the back. Then brush the hair at the top back and wrap it around the pony and tie on the another ponytail holder.

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While your hair is down, take a boar bristle brush and run it under water (warm) and smooth back the hair on the top of you head. I do this on second day hair so my hair is dry already...meaning, I put some gel on the top of my head and the back, wet brush, smooth and put into my holder. Hair is smooth and if you do happen to get a few bumps while in ponytail holder, wet brush again and smooth while in holder HTH.
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do it while it's wet. not sopping but damp from the shower. leave your conditioner in. place your hair where you want the ponytail first before slicking back with a brush or raking back with fingers. apply product then brush then more product. then put on fastener/bow


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I have big 3c hair too, and I do ponytails all the time too when I don't feel like doing anything to it. For me it's really simple though, and I don't have to re-style it or anything. If you mess with it too much, it'll get lumpy. Just pull it back- I don't even part it or anything. If you overthink it you'll just end up with frizz.

I use a midsized scrunchi/rubberband, and I lift the hair up as high as I can without it looking weird, and then I just put the band around it. The ponytail will feel like you're making it too high at first, but I promise it's more flattering this way!

One of my aunts insisted once that I would look good with a super-high ponytail, and I thought she was crazy and that I would look all 1980's lol, but I tried it and she was right!

Sometimes I have to readjust to get it centered, but it's worth the effort. You definetly have to practice this, but it'll become easy after a while.

I think high ponytails are the most flattering, and I get compliments on this style even though it took like two minutes lol! The hair is so thick that it sort of gives a nice backdrop to your face while keeping it out of the way, and it looks like a style instead of looking practical.

You really have to practice this for a while, and the scrunchie you're looking for is between the size of a regular scrunchie and a Goody rubber band. It doesn't get caught in your hair, and it doesn't look like a scrunchie lol!

Oh yeah, do it after your hair is dry only, it'll be less lumpy and won't change later!

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Figiwater- I know exactly what your talking about! I work at a coffee shop and we have to keep our hair up and wear a bandana/scarf/headband. So here is my routine... Comb out your hair in the shower when its wet and has conditioner in it, its the only way i can comb through mine. When you get out let it dry as much as you can. Using the big bobby pins pin sections back to the center of your head, start at one side and work around. Usually i use about 12 or more to hold it all up because it weighs so much. Make sure that you leave some curls loose around the edges so it frames your face...so cute :0) Not to mention when you pin it up like that, it looks natural because little curls will peep/fall out. I get sooooo many complements when i do it this way. Then wrap your scarf around and tie it. I think the big long scarfs work the best and give you extra hold/secure your style. You can find cute ones at thrift shops and garage sales. Hopefully this helps.
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