Dry ends!

Hey guys,

So I recently cut my ends because they were horribly dry. Usually this does the trick, it makes my hair healthy and great but this time it just didn't work, at least for all of my hair. One part of my hair looks great and healthy and the other still looks dry and horrible. It's a weird mix right now. Does any one have suggestions on what I can possibly do to hydrate my ends and make all of my hair fabulous again?!

have you tried leaving a bit more conditioner (or leave in) on your ends? typically i make sure i use more product on my ends and on my edges because those areas are the most fragile part of my hair.
Yea I always make sure there's extra product in my ends, I think its the water up in Albany, NY
I go to college up there but live in NYC, NYC water is great for my hair but Albany is a no no!
I live in NYC but go to school upstate too and the water is horrible. My hair and skin use to be so dry after I took a shower.
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Sarcasm -- Hard water sucks. I assume that you live in a dorm. If you don't, then you can buy a water filter. Another solution is to use distilled water on your hair. You can either boil the water or buy it from the store.
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My hair and skin use to be so dry after I took a shower.
Originally Posted by vanes16
Me too its soo gross!!!

Yes Multi I do live in a dorm I go back to school in mid august and just don't want to go my hair is going to get worse I know it! I was actually thinking about buying like a gallon of Poland Springs water and washing my hair with that, ah how sad

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