thio relaxer on 3c??

i had a sodium hydroxide relaxer done a bit ago, and im thinking that might have been a silly choice. it relaxed my curls a bit, but mostly it made my hair a huge frizz ball, and thus harder to straighten than before. i still see about 5-7 inches of shrinkage (8-9 on my normal hair). ive heard that thio relaxers are weaker but dont result in the frizz problem. i was suggested it by a stylist, but im wary of stylists suggestions as they usually base their recommendations on my skin color and not familiarity with my hair, or just want to get me to leave them alone.

im a 3c with a little bit of 3b thrown in for laughs. its fine and thick, and grows down, not out. my hair takes well to coloring, but i dont know if that translates to relaxers.

any 3cs or 3bc combos tried it? how'd it go? thanks!
3c and a touch of b

natural curly for 19 of my 20 year old life, now experimenting

looking to ditch the shrinkage! at least for a while...

Last edited by auddie; 07-15-2008 at 07:02 AM. Reason: heres more hair pics if you're curious
I've used them before on my daughter and myself. I used the one by Rusk. They turned out well.

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