Does this product sound CG??

Hello everyone!!

I have been totally CG for the last two months, and so far all is going great!

Last week I cam upon a conditioner at Target called Biotresse Hydrating conditioning balm. I think it is supposed to be a knock-off of Biolage's conditioning balm. I read the ingredients, and it looks like it is CG approved, but I just wanted to get others opinions, seeing as how I am fairly new to this. The ingredients include:

water, myrstal alcohol, cetrimonium chloride, cetearyl alcohol, iso decyl oleate, propylene glycol, fragrance, methylparaben, proplparaben, phenoxyethanol, hexyl cinnamal, coumarin, linalool, butylphenyl methylpropional, hydroxycitronellal, amyl cinnamal, polysorbate-20, geraniol, algae extract, rosemary extract, goldenseal extract.

It looke alright to me. It smells great, is half the price, and 5 times the size of Biolage's conditioning balm. Let me know what ya think!

It looks CG to me.

How do you like it? How much did it cost at Target? I may give it a try.
I like it so far - I use it as a DT along with a little bit of honey mixed in. It comes in a rather large plastic jar - and costs about $10. I put it on, cover with a plastic cap, and wrap my head in a towel and leave it sit for as long as possible. It left my hair very soft and smooth. I would recomend trying it if you are looking for a new DT.
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Sounds a lot like the Bioinfusion hydrating conditioning balm that I bought at Walgreens. Works pretty good too.

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