Hair Cut and Bangs For Type 3b Hair????

Ok, I need a change with my hair. I have natural curly hair and I haven't been able to do anything with it. Here are a couple of photos. (I know they're horrible, but bare with me.)

Does anyone have any photos of hair cut for type 3b? Like how bangs would look, side bangs, front bangs, layers, that stuff.

Thanks in advance!
Don't get bangs unless they're at least chin length, but even then I would say not to. I have your hair type and bangs and it was the worst thing I could have done, ever.
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Bangs is vewy twicky in my opinion. My face needs bangs. I won't look good with my hair back, because at some point you'll be able to see when my grey roots are growing in. I don't look good with long bangs off to to the side or parted in the middle (makes me look haggardly).

I had let my bangs grow to chin length. If I let them dry curly, I looked stupid, no matter what the length. They never came out right. So I would just blow dry my bangs with a big round brush and let the rest of my head be crazy. When it gets humid, the bangs start to curl, but it's a better curl than if I had let them dry naturally.

I just had them cut today, and they stretch just to the middle of my nose, which is short, but my hair grows like a weed anyway.

You have to really think about if you want to be bothered with bangs. Hope that helps and doesn't just confuse you more.
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christinemarie123, you look good in bangs, even curly ones.
I have curly bangs that are very similar to christinemarie's, just slightly longer. I personally like the look of curly bangs, as long as they are not too short. My stylist just cut the hair (wet) straight across at about my nose, and when it dried, the curls sprang up to about my brow bone, and they could be swept to the side, pinned back, whatever. It helps if some face-framing layers are added, if you want it to blend a little. (I cut my own hair)
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When I was younger and had my hair layered with a razor(I know eeek, but it was the thing in the mid-90's) I had bangs like Christinemarie's.
I agree a little layered in bangs add some framing to the face nicely.

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splitends: The thing I noticed about your photo is that your face looks (mostly) oval-shaped bordering on a bit squarish, although I am not a great judge of this. If your face is an oval, you can get away with pretty much anything, but if it tends to be more square, keep in mind that if you do get a fringe or bangs or whatever that the length definitely matters.
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Originally Posted by christinemarie123
I ADORE your hair! I think you look very similar to Jean Louisa Kelly, too! (Even your hair is the same).
hey i have bangs too but i straighten them, they make my face look less oval-y and i'm really glad i got them.
oh and theyre sideswept bangs, not blunt, straight across ones
is it true, that layerin ur hair is good if u have curls?
That kind of hairstyles can gurls with curly hair have?
I just got side bangs that look like this:

I think my face is about the same shape as yours, but sorry I don't have any shots with my hair down.

Hope this helps!

is it true, that layerin ur hair is good if u have curls?
Originally Posted by AmyAthymia

As far as I know it really depends on the look you want and how much volume. Layering seems to up the volume on curlier hair, but I have seen some pictures of drastic layering (as in, loose 3b curls that are barely two inches at the crown and a little lower than chin length at longest) that looked great, and some that I didn't like.

Take a look around at the different threads on this board and there are lots of beautiful pictures of curly girl hairdos! Enjoy.

I have low porousity, medium density 3b curls down to around my elbow and I have bangs that are partially side-swept, but also cover a good amount of my forehead. Be sure to have them cut dry and with your hair in its natural curl pattern (also take into consideration that curly hair bounces up A LOT when it's cut shorter so you may have to gradually take more and more as you wash and restyle your bangs). Also, from your picture it doesn't look like you have layers. I have pretty short layers and my bangs gradually become my layers (if that makes sense). The middle is shortest and they become longer to blend with my layers and the rest of my hair overall. I think without layers bangs would look awkward on you because they will be a lot curlier than the length of your hair. You need the layers in between to mix it nicely.

Overall though I love my bangs! I think you'd look cute with them too! <3 Good luck!

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