Hair Type???

Hello everyone - I am new to this site (and to chat rooms in general) and I haven't seen a description that really describes my hair. I refer to it as wavy/frizzy but that's really not accurate either. When wet or damp it has nice waves with subtle curl. As it drys however, it expands and expands until when completely dry I look like bozo! I have tried so many products to try and control the "growth" but with no success. My hair is very thick and I highlight it. I spend 1-1/2 hours each day to straighten it but any humidity and it starts to expand again. And to add insult to injury I am the type that sweats from my head so any physical exertion and there goes an hour or so of effort. My current hair-drying routing is to blow it dry with a large round brush (it is about shoulder length) and then use a curling iron to smooth it and set it on about 2" rollers.

I am over 50 and as I get older it seems to be getting worse. I also had chemo for breast cancer 5 years ago and that seemed to change the texture also. Any tips or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
Hi stpats317 and welcome! I am relative new to the site as well (7/9) but I can tell you I have learned a lot.

I can tell you, the hair you describe below sounds similar to mine. My hair is extremely thick and very curly and highlighted.

I have often joked in the past my hair doesn't get longer it gets wider--lol. It sounds like that is what you are referring to below.

I have been using a pretty simple routine and so far my results have been good. It looks less wide than previously (you can see my pics in the link).

I use a lightweight conditioner (I use Kenneth's lighten-up) and then a leave in Conditioner (Kenneths leave in conditioner and straighten gel it is an orange slimely product so it works similar to a gel). I don't use any real gel or anything. I co-wash ever other day and low-poo was once a week.

These products I get from a local salon here where I love but they sell them both via their website (

I use a lot of the leave in conditioner twist it through making sure it gets every where and then leave it air dry. Sometimes I might blow dry with a diffuser. I put clips on the end to weight it down as it is air drying.

The biggest change from my hair came with giving up the regular shampoo. It made a huge difference. I only use a non-sulfate shampoo now.

Everyone's hair is different so it is hard to tell what will work for you.

Best of luck!
Hair Type: 3b with a little 3a mixed in
Stylist: Annah at Phia Salon in Columbus, OH
Shampoo: I rarely use but when I do it is Abba True Shine
Conditioner: ABBA Creme Masque
Leave in: A dime size of ABBA Creme Masque
Style product fall/winter: Two squirts of Jesse Curl Confidient Coils and one two finger scoop of pink boots
Style product spring/summer: KCCC and CK
password: easy123

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