Hiya everyone. I really don't know what to do with my hair, I'm so upset because of it.
I'm Ethiopian (so I have mixed, Arab/African hair). Its soft (especially the inside) but usaully the bottom is not soft. Its really thin (I keep losing lots of hair), sometimes poofy, hard to brush through, dry, brittle, etc. When my hair is wet/damp, its really soft and I really love my curls. Couple minutes after, it expands and expands until when completely dry and I end up looking like krusty the clown. Its hard to brush through, dry, brittle...God. I don't like it at all. I use Sunsilk products (well only the conditionar and the cream). Its good but the softness dosn't last that long. I have to use this African, greesy oily stuff in my hair and I hate it. If you touch it, there will be so much oil on your hands. I wish all the stuff can suck into your head... I don't straighten my hair or relaxe, it was always natural. I don't know where to start, can someone help?